Greetings Tomorrow

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Be hopeful and prepared.

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



‘Greetings tomorrow!’ squeaked little Beth. Her eyes like saucers of tea. A grin streaked her face, of pleasure and grace, excitement, pride, and intrigue.

Lost with the phrase, embarrassed and dazed, I humbly retorted a ‘What?’ And such a reply leapt from her eyes. I knew ‘Greetings tomorrow’ meant much.

‘Hope!’ she exclaimed, her neck proudly craned, she pampered herself with a smile. ‘Tomorrow will come, so why act like we’re done? Today's a comparable trial!’

The anger in me, built up past fatigue, barked like a dog on a chain. ‘Rubbish, young Beth! Have you learned nothing yet? Hope is the root of all pain!’

‘Tomorrow brings bullies, with fists and strong legs! Tomorrow brings disasters, like fires and plagues! Tomorrow won’t bring greetings! That’s not tomorrow’s way!’

She laughed. Beth, with her pale little china doll face, chortled a joy that felt strange put in place. ‘If those come tomorrow, we should act now. Greetings tomorrow! There... Tomorrow’s endowed.’

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