You "see" nothing wrong with me

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Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



Let me help you understand and take you through my world

Of living in a 80 year old persons body, but I’m a 22 year old girl.

The 80 year old and I have only one little difference you see

Is that they are just old and you can see that, but you can see nothing wrong with me.

You may look at my skin and think that I’m sunburnt

But really it is a rash

That after sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat AND shade

My skin is a result of that.

You may see me walk around campus,

And may see there is something different about my walk

If you look from afar I have a prosthetic leg,

But really it is just my compression sock.

Yes, I do carry all my pills with me

But believe me it’s for your sake.

If I don’t take them at the right time,

I promise, I’ll become your worst headache.

My pills have become my pride and joy

Because, one they keep me on earth.

Two, eight pills at once is such a talent

Three, that just shows you how much I am worth.

Because of my continuous fatigue and pain

Some say it’s the perfect excuse to get out of everything

When I say no, It’s because I can’t handle,

Just know, It’s me not you, more than anything.

Some of you might wonder what pain do I feel?

Joint pain is what is felt most often overall.

But if I had to choose the greatest of the pains

The migraines are the worst above all.

I’m 22 years old right? I should be partying

That’s no doubt.

You guys say struggle, but the fatigue is real

On a good day by 9:30pm, I’m out.

Let me introduce you to my doctors,

Pulmonologist, rheumatologist, hematologist,

just to name a few.

Now I have a neurologist and opthamologist,

I’m pretty much a special species of an animal

Put on displayed at the zoo.

With all jokes aside,

I don’t wish this upon any other soul

I admire those, that for years have conquered this

And for me, this has completely made me whole.

Don’t get me wrong, days are still hard

And the pain will never be fun

But remember this, life is what you make of it,

After all that’s been said and done.

I may have this illness,

But this does not define who I am.

So just because someone doesn’t “look” sick,

I hope because of this, you just kinda understand.

© Copyright 2019 Selesitila Harvey. All rights reserved.

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