The Darker the BerryThe Sweeter the Juice

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Death and love are the two wings that bear the good man to heaven.


Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



The Darker the Berry The Sweeter the Juice


Emotions tenderly under seize

Heart refuses to move

I yearn to feel the hands of gentle steel

Lying under a stalwart’s groove

Given space in time

As earth clocks chimed

To chase a fragile rose by design  

Garden of Eve in A.D

As suspected was not Devine

Caresses of paradise

The fruits of passion laid at you feet

Eaten upon so sweet

For a weary heart won by defeat

Entwined lovers whispers again

As we come to greet

Surpassing the stars, no space for an enticing beast

No fables here, this is real life

Coveting love, my comfort

Will not partake in green eye strife

Who’s me, as I say

Stepped in Heaven

On my knees I prayed

For this day

If love knocked at your door

Would you leave it to stand

And the desires for which it demands

I think not, it brings an erratic weakening pulse

Heart spent, sought, caught, now blissfully lost

Takes the mind to the fifth wonder

Beyond the galaxy

The explanation of yonder

If you truly love someone

Set them free

The footsteps in the snow, sands, the stars, and the Heavens

The absence of time floats back to me

Warmth provided under a cozy fleece

Goodnight sealed by greedy lips

An impatient kiss

I refuse to miss

Before, the passionate heated dips and slips

Combined moans of hunger fueling the fervent flames

Missed to the ears, singing only, my name

No other straggling pieces needed for this lover’s game

Or no asunder of its fame


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