Come Forth

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Another piece on the dark side of things.

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



Earth bedewed with seed of death
The young and old take final breath
Sheds the blood red tears
It just as the oracles feared 
And I saw the heart of youth
Before a dark smile adroning the predator's tooth
Painfully torn out by the mighty Apep
Then the heavens truly wept
Heart which still wants to live

But it has no more life to give
Here among the sonorous chorals
The divines continue their quarrels 
Of mourning clothed with rain of blood
Before death plays its part
Innocence touches the heart
But this touch penetrates only empty air
Embracing silence's dead lair
There is no life but time for a shadow
Brought forth by youth and light's woe
And time for a night

To spread the darkest of blights
Mithras and Abraxas I call upon thee
Set your followers free
Serpent power awake the dawn
Make the seeds grow as they awken and yawn
Rise the pyramids of the inmost flame
Invoke the beast with no name
To break through
It's hunting for you
The priests chant with each breath
 For illusions of life and the phantoms of death

To exist is not given to you
For you are now in its finality and threw
Oh Asar, you are the Past One
Devour the suns
Go and dwell among the sorrows of Asi
Prevent the coming  anastasi
Awaken I dream and see sleeping divines
No more than immortal swine
And I draw the curtains of all planes
Reaching to both the holy and profane 
The veil of Isis and thou art as Persephone
From the death god's right throne
Who touches the flowers of the nether realms
Adorning the skull helms
 I descend into the depths of thought
Seeking  flames and kingdoms of naught
To find thee in the kingdoms of infernal levels
To see past spheres of the devil
In the labyrinth of thy mind
To bring thee to life andto give a form
Conjuring the perfect storm
To incarnate into the flesh
Bearing plate and armor of metal mesh
To give priceless jewels and by sages called delight
And the senses of the earth dark at night 

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