Sea Foam Skies

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Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018




I was crying blood beneath a sea foam sky

Deep red pouring out of my fingers and throat

Even as my brain flooded black and blue.


Desperate hands reaching out impossibly

To far branches of faded yellow trees

Feet turning to glass and shattering on the pavement.


Lungs breath in words and dead memories

Exhaling the smoke in bands through star-studded skin

Tongue curling around the intoxicating flames.


Our legs were bound to the witches’ stake

As bishops burned our faces away

Living gazes fade to asphalt irises.


The sea foam sky pressed down into your

Telescope eyes obscuring distant yellow trees

Twisting blue-black fingers into scythes.


Your thoughts like shrapnel splatter against the smoke-stained

Wall that kept blue-green hearts from turning pink

Lips blow a final red puff as static fills your ears.


I press hands to my skull to keep out the static wake

Steel sound like knives rubbing together

And pistols loading with burnt out passions.


My sea foam sky turns to purple squid ink

Filling my mouth with paper and pencil shavings

Choking me on a charcoal breeze coloured blue-orange-red.


I will wear your clothes like an armour

Running through fire with war paint on my hands

Fighting to stay alive so that one will survive.


Push through the crystal flesh curtains

Plunging head first beneath reclamation waters

Rising into the blaze of a sunflower sky.

© Copyright 2018 Lee Caspian. All rights reserved.

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