Eye to Eye

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: The Imaginarium

Mast Hung Sally had battled her way off the beach, and had reached cover. She’d been under attack ever since she’d had landed on this island, having rowed ashore from her ship The Scurvy Dick. She had come alone to bury the ill-gotten gains of her piratical adventures. Her trusty cutlass was now in her hand and she welcomed the chance to get closer to her foe. As she absent-mindedly scratched her face just below her eye patch, she rued the day she told cabin boy he’d have someone’s eye out. Now her depth perception was all gone, and pistols were next to useless to her.

She still had no idea who was attacking her but she knew they must be primitive due to the rocks that were being hurled at her. Fortunately, their aim had proved no better than hers. She tried twice to break cover from the rock she was behind and get up across the rocky slope, but each time a rock had come rumbling down past her. She would have to find another way.

Seeing a patch of vegetation, she knew she could reach it if she crawled and kept low enough. It was a little more than uncomfortable crawling on her chest, but she had to keep her treasure somewhere. She was relieved to at last have made it into the shade of the trees. Now hidden she tried to get a better look up the hill, but still she could see nothing. Not all was lost though and she climbed up the slope under cover until she guessed she was higher up the cliff than her enemy. Silently she sat, listening for a sound that would give away the position of her opponent.

When she heard a grunt on the other side of the rocks, she knew this was her chance so she leapt over the rocks, brandishing her cutlass and shouting “Avast ye landlubber, I has ye now! Ye surrenders immediately or I cuts out yer gizzards and keel hauls them in front of yer very eyes.

“Whoa,” said the imposing half naked figure before her, “that’s right mock me as well as attack me from behind.”

So surprised was she to find herself face to face with a genuine cyclops that her attack faltered. “Just a minute," she said, "you throws rocks at me first.”

“You say throw, but I would argue it was more rolling than throwing.”

“Arr, well they comes at me in an unnaturally hasty fashion for my liking.”

“In fairness you did come up on to my beach without so much as a formal introduction.”

“Formal introductions; formal introductions? Pirates don’t do formal introductions, they does boarding and stealing of gold, silver and precious baubles aaar.”

The cyclops now held up his hands and backed up a bit. “You’ll find none of those things here; just me, a harpy or two and plenty of coconuts.”

“I hasn’t come to rob ye of yer coconuts; I comes to find somewhere to bury me treasure. Then I be on me way to plunder the shipping lanes once again.”

“Oh, I see,” said the cyclops which was partially true, “perhaps I was a bit hasty in my unwelcoming nature. It’s just that the family always handed down this story of a Greek sailor who blinded one of our ancestors and we don’t trust sailors to this very day.”

“Well I ain’t no Greek, and I steals from sailors,” said Sally as she let her sword arm drop to her side.

Sensing that the tension was easing, the cyclops offered Sally a drink of the fresh clean water from his spring, and as much coconut as she could eat. Even then he was sure to stay awake and make sure he kept his one eye on her.

Getting to her feet she said “Well, thanks for the hospitality, but now I finds somewhere to bury me treasure, I kills you, and then I gets back to the crew of the Scurvy Dick.”

The cyclops leapt instantly to his feet. “That escalated quickly; I thought things were going rather favourably.”

“Aar they was, but I has to keep me treasure a secret, else some other pox ridden dog of the seas finds it and steals it from me.”

“But how will you find it again?”

“I writes it down on a treasure map.”

“That doesn’t sound very secure, someone might see it and take your treasure.”

Nodding sagely, Sally said “Tis true , that’s what happened to Captain MacAffee and he’s been going on about it ever since. For a landlubber ye speaks a lot of sense.”

“If you like I’d be happy to keep your treasure in my cave, and you can come and get it anytime. It’ll be safe with me.”

As Sally considered the cylops’ offer, she stood eye to eye with him. She gazed into his glowing purple eye, and he into her deep green eye. In that moment they connected. All thought of treasure and plunder and secrets were lost in a moment of true beauty between them.


The crew of the Scurvy Dog never knew what had happened to Captain Mast Hung Sally; all they knew was that her boat came back from the island with the treasure on board and they knew the island was too dangerous to ever approach again.


Two eyes watched the Scurvy Dog sail off, and their owners both knew there were greater treasures than silver, gold and precious baubles.

Submitted: August 14, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Kevin Broughton. All rights reserved.

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Excellent, tale, Kevin. Some great humor and a nice little twist to the end!

Wed, August 15th, 2018 8:31pm


Thanks - it was a fun prompt :-)

Wed, August 15th, 2018 1:45pm

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