Love-Hate Pit Bull Dog

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A love-hate poem about the Pit Bull dog

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



(This is a poem dedicated to the misunderstanding of the Pit Bull dog)... it is better we all keep safe, and know about the background & history of a dog with an incredible history. Sometimes it is better to find out about each dog breed's bite history & aggressive issues before we purchase them or adopt them. I stand neutral on the Pit Bull dog. There are good ones & bad ones. I have worked with some that are insane / aggressive and others that are quiet and submissive and beautiful, no different than a Poodle. Some people make mistakes and the dogs bite people. We should all be responsible for our dogs. It is a tragedy, people die from dog aggression & dog bites.



Down hillbilly street they keep a pack of Pit Bulls--

Grandma fell down and they got her

On a ventilator fighting for her life

Died in 72 hours from Pit Bull dog bites

Oh, look at the children, playing

Rebel, he is a good boy, pulling the toddler

Around in his pajamas

Kissing all the children and

They shared a vanilla ice cream cone

And all is well, a sweet dog in a sweet


Chained, the dog scratches the earth

Like a bull in a rodeo

Breaking the chain is his goal

To kill, to draw blood from any other dog

Does he care about people?

These animal care workers

Many uneducated, mostly college girls

Looking to love animals and make minimum wage

But look at the rage

Drunken college kids come to the shelter

Every spring to abandon the Pit Bulls

So they can run wild in another country

Partying and having sex all around the clock

For spring break

As their poor Pit Bull is in the shelter again

Fighting time, euthanasia, abuse and abandonment

Responsibility is Love

You have to love the animals to have

Them love you back

No wonder they turn bad

Throw away a person to

The streets, let them fight for survival

Amongst drug addicts, criminals

And the insane in the ghettos of society

Are the Pit Bulls O.K.? in your home?

Do they get trained daily and get

A cookie and a dose of love?

Buy a Pit Bull & Buy a Gun

One man said, but look at  people

It is the same thing

Abuse = Abuse

Dog fighting and all the evil

Is brought about by people

There is a love-hate

Relationship with Pit Bull dogs

I am so sorry they kill

People sometimes

I have been bit and attacked

by many dog breeds

But NEVER the Pit Bull dog

Someone has to do something

About the situation

Of EDUCATION and the Pit Bull breeds

(the author has began a petition to educate people about Pit Bull dogs, so the dog owner & dog, get a correct match in the home & society)

© Copyright 2019 kevin b. frost. All rights reserved.

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