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Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



I have forever been mystified by the magic of rain

Essential for all life as we understand thus far

Cleansing ritual of nature that dillutes the stain

Of pollution and ruin from industries vulgar 


Saturated pavement gleams pitch black like onyx

Each minuscule droplet, holds a tiny sun reflected 

The lulling of impact quells my brain’s histrionics 

Assuages anxious notions my darkness invented


I tell you I’m a pluviophile for these reasons and more

You express agreement ; mirror mutual veneration

I tell you we’re lucky to see beauty where others ignore

You tell me you see beauty in my mind’s delineations


So if metaphysics hold truth in innate conscious power

And the energy of gratitude grants what we attract

I can’t help but consider that each recurring shower 

In our shared presence, a message, we walk a divine path


Could it be alchemy, that two souls coalesce 

Surge a force of causality resulting in flood

Not only flooding environment but internal unrest

Rushing current carries spirit to break beyond flesh and blood


A flood by definition, is in essence, destruction

I welcome the process so that I may see

Weak foundations of my being I once was reluctant

To acknowledge were rotting like these uprooted trees


I witness the downpour and feel my senses heightened 

Some say floods bring ruin but I won’t regard this as so

The wreckage of ego is the route to enlighten

Deep truths thirsting within me, now able to grow.

© Copyright 2019 ellie freund. All rights reserved.

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