Sunflower Eyes

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She stood eye to eye with him... Prompt from The Imaginarium House

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



She stood eye to eye with him, not sure whether to glance away or to continue to stare into the cold, heartless eyes.

She used to call them sunflower eyes, he hated that, said it was too girly, but she continued to do it under her breath. She loved his eyes, and the way the pupil was ringed in yellow, with a deep blue surrounding. It was a sunflower with its own sky. Every flower had to share a garden with the other beauties growing, but his sunflowers shone by themselves.

Now she only saw the drooped over flowers, which had long since broken from their stem.

With a sniff she broke away, unable to look at him any longer. Turning her back, she took a couple of steps and stopped, unsure of what else she could do.

"I'm sorry," he spoke softly.

She wanted to believe him, but she wasn't sure she could.

"If you were sorry you wouldn't of done it." She thought about someone else staring into those eyes, maybe they didn't even realise they were sunflowers. 

"I shouldn't of done it, I know that now."

Now was too late.

"You should've known that before."

"You're right," he said quickly. "I should've known that before, and I shouldn't of been so stupid."

She could see it in his eyes, the desperation, the need for mercy. She wanted to forgive him, to give those eyes another chance to grow, but it might be too late.

"I love you."

"If you loved me, you would've known the right thing to do."

She didn't know how to look into those eyes and forgive him. 

"Can I have a chance?"

Looking once more into his eyes, she saw all the pain and misery he felt. The sky had darkened, and the sunflower had nothing to make it grow.

The day she had meet him, she had seen the blossoms of the flowers. 

"I'm sorry," she said. 

He hung his head in defeat. That it was it, the end of someone she loved.

Raising it slowly, she could see the damage in his eyes.

"I'll leave," he said sadly. "But I can say one more thing?"

She nodded, not sure if she could manage to hear anything more, but knowing that she should at least give him this.

"I always hated that you said my eyes were like sunflowers, it wasn't true. They were only like that when you were around, because you were around." He gave a final smile, and turned to go.

She watched as he walked to the door, and as he stepped outside, she felt the world go dark. She had lost his sunflowers, but she had lost her sun.

Running to the door she saw him across the yard getting into his car.

"Wait." She called.

He turned, a moment of hope flickering in his eyes.

Walking over to him, she stood eye to eye with him. 

"Maybe we can make this work." She smiled, holding back a world of tears.

"Thank you."

He smiled, and saw the sunflowers reappear. Tattered and broken, with fraying petals, but still it was there. It had a chance to grow.

She wrapped her arms around him and they stood, worn and tired, but with the sun shining down on them and their future. 


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