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Violent Violets.

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Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



Did you know that,

Violet Violets bloom beautifully.

That the flower prefers the cold protection of a shadow to a sunny ray?

That although the flower prefers the dark, its adaptive nature makes for a resourceful bouquet.

That In the face of the dry, scorching sun, it ceases to let on its pain,

Beautiful still amidst the strain.

Often plucked and given to convey the givers interest in a suitors consideration

But It’s lovely scent lasts only but a moment,

Before the elusive aroma fades as it defensively desensitizes the consumer.  

Who knew Violet could be so violent.

Its white cousin symbolizing innocence.

While it’s calming hues of blue bursts tones of raging red, is designated “Extravagance.”

You see, Violet lies the last place among the visible color spectrum of the human eye,

Before transcending into ultraviolet radiance.

Truly a testament, to a greater Cosmic Brilliance.

And to be so close, so similar, to such a metaphysical marvelous phenomenon…

Who could deny the Violet Violets magnificence?

Especially, when it blooms so beautifully.


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