The Misadventures of Luna and Sol

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An Introduction to a poetic narrative

Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018



She reigns the night and shines oh so bright, but to meet her lover she's dimmed by his light. She thinks it's fine but she needs to truly shine, not be blocked by a stage she can't even find. She visits him during the day but he never stops by at night. How is this okay? How is this right? She loves him but does he love her? He might.

Listening to these words, the whispers of the people, she realizes her potential and that she needs an equal. Though she loves Sol she does as she's told. She blocks his light and it becomes cold. Solar eclipse, this is it. The final gesture before they split. Luna, now independent. Luna and Sol no longer court, now they lose each other's support.

He enjoyed those visits during the day despite what others had to say. He couldn't go see her at night, he'd ruin it, he's far too bright. "What's hers is mine, I can't steal her shine. I must let her own the night time." They think he doesn't care just rotating her along but his light is what made her strong. "Why listen to the people? The people are wrong. They only know the lyrics not the meaning behind our song."

Without Luna the night shined no more, the tide of the waves didn't touch shore. Earth spins out of control, and becomes more dependent on the "toxic" Sol. His light doing over time because Luna was no more.

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