Change-makers of Our Home

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We feel these days will bring back all the effort time can co-create again. Our effort may seek this invitation you to be part of it. Thanks for your support. :)

Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018



Any hope these days share when we need your real help,

A time my home needs what we can offer,

If unquestionably we invest and offer welfare for this spreading footprint,

How long when Gods lived in this land,

How much every gift share this beauty here,

If our efforts may not tarnish a weak yawning contradictions,

Today I know our heart beats within feels this presence,

Together beyond words if we plant in this rhythm for many stories untold,

If this place own the limits we feel vulnerable,

Every actor who hopes our society must think without economics,

Even when this believer sandwich Indian Secularism and Scientific humanism in one faith,

If we assert the right mapping our voice of one generations,

May being a tool distincitive to take spiritual and ethical elements of a lifeline,

Made for the promise every perspective will ask God why now?

If taking into account the unique mix of old and new descriptions,

Helping each other feel the integrity of one land and their people,

Has gone soley in history shaping a compassionate identity with mutual cooperation and support,

If we execrise some aspirations what really concern us,

I do know this creation favor this richly varied life must remain so,

I don't want anyone be a dead blow to the hardearned freedom,

If what we are really worried shapes our expectations,

Now this association must promote peace and order,

Never be instilled in accussions and arguements without friendship,

If our facilitated collective action conserve how the Mother Earth changes this landscape,

When we pay homage to the fair attitude and sacrifices known for our applauded communion,

Where this champion within may propagate far-reaching willingness to address any situations,

If these days own the change in our knowledge exchange that can be used everywhere and anywhere,

Through all these biggest questions I request you express this humanitarian works,

Together these furies may value struggles in the making of one commitment help rebuilding this loss,

Let us act alone which any one of those few feels a needed help and support these minimum investment,

Mapping the power of our unity may be the revenue for this help-seeking behaviour from each one of us.

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