Amerysth and The Dragon Rod

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

The Quest

Come one and come all! Gather now as I sing you the song and tell you the tale of quabbling kingdoms and the destruction of hellfire that... Read Chapter

The Way of Dwyrrds

Navigating the swamp surrounding Alabaster's tower was a simple task. Navigating the forest that met the swamp two hours into my journey ... Read Chapter

The Conquest of Uther Draevend

"Uther Draevend was a powerful man and a fierce warrior. He had the heart of a lion and the strength of an ox." "I know of Uther," sa... Read Chapter

The Highwaymen

I made it a ways down the road before I had to set up camp. It was then I realized how terrible I was at the whole notion of travelling. ... Read Chapter

The Masked Men

The next few hours or rather even days remain nothing more than fuzzy flashes of memory to this day. I will not bore you with the det... Read Chapter

The Pondering

I didn't stay long in Hytheborough. After gathering my supplies from Oscar I headed to the Ranger Guild in the hopes of finding someone w... Read Chapter

The Law Of The Wild

It didn't seem too long until I was on the move again. The folks at the Tavern had been kind enough to give me food and board. They prove... Read Chapter

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