A Young Orphan Girl

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this is my second original story.

Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018



As I, Tatiana Zima, am a young orphan girl in Providence, Rhode Island, and I am two years old. This story is set in the year 1992 and the date is February 16. I am in the orphanage living here and with many couples coming and going and adopting other children at young ages, my age and babies too. Many of them visit and get to know them first and adopt them after. I wish for the day I am adopted, I thought while looking around the room at the orphanage

My father died from an illness and was in a medically induced coma and my mother died from suicide and drug overdose. She had a history of mental illness and was institutionalized for many years, and she never got better. The two of them, Larisa Inga Julia Pasternak-LeMaire and Rudolf Fredrik Kristian Nylund-Zima, left me and I have been here since day one, the day I was born and it was a high-risk pregnancy too, since because of the drugs. At the time, Larisa was on antidepressants too, I thought thinking about my past.
I want to pursue a career in music and act too, I thought while I am just learning English for the first time with the ESL teacher at the orphanage. My first language is Russian. Then there is French and Finnish and I am mixed descent here and am a multilingual I even have issues with pronunciation and am learning that in ESL and am slowly getting better. I am a slow learner when it comes to the English language and is an only child.
That is it for today, boys and girls in ESL, class dismissed’, the teacher Mr. Walters said to us in ESL class. “I need a bit more time, an extension for my English Mr. Walters’, I said to him in English. I have not learned much English yet. “We can work on it, one on one, that is better for you and you need help anyway, “ Mr. Walters said to me.
Suddenly, after walking back to the orphanage area, and with my school supplies with me, I saw a non-American couple that is in the same age group as my biological parents who had me young, walked in the orphanage. I have now been told that this couple has visited before and have been observing me a bit and that they want to adopt me. My wish has come true and oh, how I dreamed of this day. Now it is here and we are going through the adoption process and filling out the adoption papers.
One year later…
Now I am adopted and am one older at three years old. I now speak English fluently and have had a private ESL one on one teacher, Mr. Sorenson. It is a different ESL teacher now it is notMr Walters, the ESL teacher at the orphanage. My adoptive parents are both fully Scandinavians and are both encouraging and strict. The two of them have promised not to leave me like my biological parents did. They have one child themselves, a daughter Rebekka who is two years older than me and they still wanted to adopt me. They are extremely rich and wealthy and we live in a great big mansion.
My adoptive father’s name is Ludvig Rasmus Sebastian Vinter-Strand and now I go by my adoptive family name Vinter and my biological last name and it is now Zima-Vinter. My adoptive mother’s name is Caroline Irene Linda Solberg-Lund and she is a photojournalist and he is a record producer. So I have a live-in babysitter when they are away at work and they travel a lot for work and outside the country too.
I now attend private pre-school and have an adoptive sister. Rebekka and I are alike in our personalities and get along really well. The year is now 1993 and my mother, Caroline has come home from a doctor’s appointment with some good news. I am now in my bedroom and have been told by the maid, Ragna herself that my mother is here and Rebekka already knows too. She comes into my room and she tells me herself that she is pregnant and that she is having a baby boy. Which no longer means I am the youngest, I thought. I will be the middle child. “Congratulations”, I said to her. “I am excited for a new sibling, Mom”. “I am glad you feel that way, Rebekka does too. The two of you are as close as twins now, I love seeing it,” Mom said to me while I leaped into her arms.
My adoptive parents are very supportive of my career choice in music and I want to do Broadway too and operettas. Since my father works in the music industry too as a record producer, I want to go into the music world and have been inspired longer than I have had adoptive parents. In terms of music, where I see myself as an artist there is Scandinavian folk music, Christian music, acoustic, Celtic, classical, opera, operatic pop, classical crossover, new age, adult contemporary, singer-songwriter, and folk-pop. When I was in the orphanage, I turned to music as an escape. There were days when I was down and music really helped me through the dark times and lonely and sad all together. Music is more than therapeutic to me, it is a career and I have had music lessons with a vocal coach since the day I was adopted. I am in choir in pre-school too. A light at the end of a tunnel, when there is hope and sorrow and pain.

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