Charge Me

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Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018




Charge Me

For the crimes of passion

Guilty, no bail to set me free

Sentenced me to life

For the desires of my iniquities

I was minding my on

Floating to my ears

An alluring echoing song

I followed, it was so serene, so true

Such melancholic wonders

Devoid of society blues

Enrapture of sounds

Both feet floating from off the ground

An enchanting love story

Told from a twinkling star’s point of view

My eyes mesmerized by its hidden glory

I investigated the melody of its giving

The essential of the music

Survival to one’s living

What I found out

To allow my heart to shout about

As I continued on

A Kaleidoscope to amuse, sure I’m not alone

Soft ballads to the ears 

Heard over the valleys, the rivers, the oceans

Wisps of spoken whispers of its love potion

On a soft breeze noted for others to hear

A joyful noise to enwrap, others, to forget their tears

A symphonic embracer made for two

Cadence of notes to soothe the soul

When heightened emotions are on patrol

Could this be the Genie in the lamp, palms want to rub

Inoculating with soft words of Heavenly love

A male Greek Mythology Muse to seduce

Rendering speechless the mentality

Emotional pandemonium of heart induced

An euphoric high it produces, loving the ruse

When fervent hearts are let lose

As touching the helm of Jesus’ garment for a taste of salvation

Dizzy heads, heavy hearts found in its contemplation

Sentimental snares of its will’s seductive revelations

Can I please get my phone call

Archangel Michael, where are you

You were ordained to protect me from this earthly fall

Now that I have come and saw

Heart breaks as glass according to planetary laws

Can I get another phone call

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