Hellspawn Hero

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Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018



It sure is hot here, in the fire. 

Your thoughts go nowhere with nothing said. 

When I was young I was a soldier.

I could tell you stories about the living-dead. 


When I was young I was a monster.

I was a monster so afraid. 

Travelled so long, just to see you.

A lustrum lapsed when I went away.


You and me, we are the reason.

You are the reason I want to stay. 

I've walked through fire, just to find you. 

I’ll find a way to make him pay. 


With your mouth shut, I hear you speaking. 

I hear you whisper that you're missing me. 

I walked away though, I knew the peril.

Life is full of uncertainty.


I've walked through hell, I've felt the fire. 

Felt the fire up through my feet.

There is a story, about the angels.

They tell of The Mother come to set us free. 


Well you and me now, we have a problem.

The blind lead no one and we can see. 

We’ll go to combat and go through the trouble

But I claim safety for the meek. 


After death, I was ruthless.

I was stronger than the rest.

The Redeemer didn’t listen 

I won the fight but the war piques yet. 


It sure is hot here, in the fire. 

Your love wreaks havoc and your soul is shred.

When I was young, I was a soldier.

I was a soldier bought for the dead.

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