King of Rat City

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018



Deep in the night when shadows come out to play

There’s a twilight so grim 

Even hells scum stow their pride and hide away.

Darkness pools in the corners here

Where night is no different than the day,

And blackness conquers fools with fear.

The ones that gather in the alleyway-

The scum that come to follow when destruction is near,

They whisper of a shadow

Born in the ashes of his own inferno.

Born of fire, of corruption and lies.

Cloaked with crimson, created by the darkest furlough.

He is what hell is made of.

It’s such a pity, that’s the price he paid 

To walk through hell’s city. 


Take me to the gates where the necro come to stay

And a hellfire burns so hot

Even my memories will wane and melt away,

Or be reborn into my darkest fears.

Returning as the blood-red fairy, 

Beautiful and toxic like the nightshade berry-

Drawing power from the evil that created me,

Like you I will renounce,

Pulling the ghosts that haunt me down.

My hellhounds will hunt them now.

You suckers never learned,

But I'll leave you in my after-birth.


Oh it’s such a pity, that’s the price you paid

To be King of Rat City-

To withstand the hands of hell,

The chains that once held you down 

They're now you’re unlimited ammunition.

Deals with the devil for the perfect soldier

Have turned you warmer than your life before. 

They whisper of a shadow 

Born into the fire of a raging war

A soldier born from a love that’s torn. 

Cloaked by hell itself, your soul hidden from the minions below,

You stay in the shadows

Protecting what is yours.

Hunting hell’s scum to feed your hunger.

All of this for your humble lover. 

© Copyright 2019 J.M.Mason. All rights reserved.

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