Edith was obsessed with puzzles. Her closet was filled to capacity with different kinds of puzzles. She did little else after her knee replacement.

She awoke to a rap at the door. "Who could it be this early in the morning?" she wondered, as she grabbed her cane.

Someone had left a jagsaw puzzle on her front porch. It was wrapped in a bow covered with smily faces.

Edith cleared the kitchen table. She eagerly peiced the puzzle together. She shrieked as she noticed that the background of the puzzle appeared to be her room. The image in the center of the puzzle was her standing next to a portal that said, "Welcome Home!" ...

Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Sean Terrence Best

You are a genius, Madame Hellshadow. I am mesmerized by the originality of your macabre plots. How did you ever conjure such a diabolically unexpected perspective of ghoulish terror? I am profoundly impressed with your wildly intriguing mysteries of the paranormal occult.

Sun, September 2nd, 2018 6:32pm

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