Advancing Darkness

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The ever growing dark in this world can only go forward.

Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018



Ascend as empires burn

The fallen have long awaited their turn


Conquerors of the promised land

Slay by thy darker hands


Like the sons of Anak

We rise to see to give thee a balck crusade and attack


They shall rise from beyond the dawn

From the place where all light is gone


Rise as victorious trumpets call


Rise as the gates to Paradise fall


Chimera, Apollyon and thee 


Break the seals and set thy will free


Accompanied by Mars


Breaking thy dvine prisons of it walls, chains , and bars 


Jupiter's rays in fearless eyes unrestrained

Astareth,bring forth the iron rain

ring forth  the plagues

Destroy their prophesies stained by blood and words vague


Thou shalt restore the splendors of Sodom


Drop forth thy will like a modern day bomb


Emodiment of Gommorah art thou

To defile mother whore and her sows


Iron-willed  and marching on ahead

Leaving in the wake a train of the dead


With passion enraged threats torn asunder

Pourd forth like a clap of unholy thunder


Fill my veins with liquid steel

Blood and battle shall be my final mean


Armor chest and head with shining gold

To face our cowering enemies tall and bold


That I may shake the fragile earth

For the Morningsar's amusement and mirth 


To see death granted to his children profane 


May my will forever be unrestrained


© Copyright 2018 The Palest Rider. All rights reserved.

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