Postcards From Avici Hell

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Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018



Angie took a hit off her marijuana cigarette. 

"Where's the toiletpaper?!" her friend Samuel shouted, "What am I supposed to wipe my ass with?!"

Angela picked up a bible, and tossed it across the hallway. "Use this!"

As she cranked up the radio, a huge metallic buttefly plucked her from her chair. "What's in this cigarette?! I must be having a bad trip!"

Samuel followed the trail of blood to the cellar door. "Angela, where are you?! What the fuck happened?!"

She awoke in a city surrounded by iron walls, and flaming towers. Iron snakes coiled around her feet. She fainted, as an enormous metal dog with a flaming pitchfork in its mouth, ran towards her. 

"There you are!" Samuel shouted, as Angela emerged from the cellar. "What the fuck have you been smoking?!"

She collapsed onto the floor naked. Her body was covered in scratches. On her left buttcheek was a tattoo dripping in blood, and pus that spelled out, "Poperty of Avici Hell!" 

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