a letter to your future boyfriend

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a letter to the one who left, and lost it all

Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018



A letter to your future boyfriend


Listen. Listen to her words. Listen to her silence. That’s the most important thing for you to learn. Only by listening will you understand. Only by listening will you appreciate. As long as you listen, you can see everything you need to.

You’ll never completely understand her. She says there are three sides to her. Her sane side, her psycho side and her crazy side. You want to start understanding her? Then here is what you do. You appreciate her Sanity. You reduce her psycho side, teach her to control it. You embrace her craziness. But that’s not it. She says these are her sides. That’s where she is wrong. She is so much more. She is 50 shades of lavender and 50 shades of every colour in this world. She is that amazing sister, she is that gorgeous daughter, she is that stupid foodie, she is that stunning dancer, she is that writer, whose writings captivate. She is so much more. And that is the best part. That she is so much more. Every day with her is an adventure which you will get to experience, and it’s the most dangerous experience in this world.

So get off your ass and start treating her like the princess she is. Go get her orchids. Or better yet food. Don’t ever tell her that she is getting fat. I hope you don’t. Don’t ever tell her that she needs to dress up, she will do that on her own. And Dude, why would you ask her to dress up, she looks so beautiful in her pyjamas. And if you don’t think so then you don’t deserve her. She looks so beautiful without her makeup on so don’t ask her to put makeup on. Her voice in the morning is cracked, it’s so funny. If you don’t love her irritated morning self, then you don’t deserve her.

So here are your duties. Her favourite drink isn’t any alcoholic beverage. It’s a glass of milk in the morning. Her favourite food is Rajma-Chawal and she appreciates it when you go get her that. Get her Orchids and not roses. And don’t ever besmirch the good name of Cardi B if you value your life. I can keep going on and on but hey this is an adventure you have to go on now.

Trust her. Trust is the foundation of everything and if you don’t trust her then there is something wrong. Don’t ask to go through her phone. She won’t say no but you will feel like an asshole when you do. Trust her in everything.

Listen to her silence. She needs you. She will never accept this, for she knows how to survive. But she does need you. She will never ask for your help, but she will need it. You need to listen to her silence to see when she does.

You are not her knight in shining armour, you are her coach. She is her own knight in shining armour. She is going up against Muhammad Ali, it’s her fight. Your job is to support her and make sure she wins. She can’t lose. Ever.

You’ll never understand what she is going through. You can try to empathise but you can’t ever possibly understand what she is going through. But try. That’s all you need to do.

Lastly, love her like you have never loved anyone and everything will be fine.



It’s funny, I thought I was writing this for myself…turns out that was not the case. I wrote this before you left. I could never give this to you. A part of me is glad that I didn’t.

I feel sorry for you now. You had the best man in this world. One who loved, cared and trusted you unconditionally. One who understood you in ways you will never understand yourself. One who supported every decision of yours, and was ready to stand beside you, every step of the way.

I feel sorry for you, for you treated and threw that man away like trash. Threw him like a wrapper on the side of the road and never looked back. You broke his heart and destroyed his trust and never came back to heal him.

I feel sorry for you, for you lost the best this world has to offer. I hope you never understand what you lost, for if you do the pain of that loss will hurt. 

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