"The beach"

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A dayjob at a beach turns into a nightmare when the undead invade.

Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018



My friend Tims dad  ran a successful beach. Tim was a manager and I worked for him. We had been good friends for about ten years now I let him right around 6th grade. We were both in out early twenties now. 

His dad wanted Tim to be the owner one day. We both did maintenance and general landscaping work at the beach every afternoon. One day it was a busy afternoon the beach had close to 10,000 people for a holiday weekend. 

We hired a few kids to patrol the beach and make sure people weren't doing anything dangerous. Matt had walked up to one person who was in the parking lot he was twitching a lot we thought he may be doing drugs. Matt confronted him. 

The man slowly turned and growled. Matt was confused then Realized the man was long gone. He was wearing ripped clothes and had a bullet hole in his head. Matt jumped back as the man started to approach him. Matt started to run but fell as the man ran and jumped on top of matt and started biting him. 

A few other people saw this and screamed as thousands of people started to run panicking to they're cars. Tims dad grabbed Ron, me and Tim and locked us inside the concession stand building and told us "Do Not Open this door to anyone unless it's me." And with that the dad shut the door. 

We heard screaming all around. A few girls who ran concession asked us what was up? Ron replied matt got attacked by someone..."Who?" The girl asked. "Someone who was no longer alive." Ron said in a panic. We heard gun shots now. And we heard a loud

Knocking sound coming from the concession stand door. We all stared at the door. 

A women was yelling "please let us in I have a baby."  Sarah approached the door but Tim held her back and said my dad said not to open the door. 

With that we heard her scream

And heard a loud slam, we figured whatever was going on something had attacked her and if we opened the door it would have gotten us.  We needed to find out what was happening. Just then Tim's  father knocked and said "let me in." We recognized his voice. 

We opened the door. Tim ran up to him and asked what was going on. Tims dad was holding his arm. He opened up the first aid and attended to his arm. He had a flesh wound.

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