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I wasn’t angry or furious, I’m just disappointed and curious. Cuz it took me long enough to realize that you were no good for me.

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018





I am saddened as I fall apart,

I should have listened to my heart,

Because it took me long enough,

To realize that you were no good for me,

You were bad for my health,

And every time I regret,

You were the one winning the bet.


I often wondered where it went wrong,

To get you annoyed and ignorant all day long,

I tried to change and fix things,

Should I do anything? Tell me something,

But all I get was hurt, blame and silence,

And then I realized all along,

You were the one slaying the bad song.


You never forgive,

Yet you didn’t want people to leave,

No matter how many times you hated me,

The times you unintentionally put the blame on me,

As though our friendship was a gamble in a game,

Just so you know I’ve never stopped loving you the same,

But my dear at one point I had to let go,

When every time you were the one strumming your ego.


You never said sorry,

Was it too hard to admit so we can move on?

Was it difficult to apologize so we can get along?

Your best solution was to push the blame away,

Smiled and pretended everything was okay,

Again and again if only I knew from the start,

All along you were the one holding the blank card.


I am saddened,

I thought at one point all these would end,

But no, slowly I watched you destroyed our friends,

One by one I witnessed the pain they strained,

As though the scar and damage was something gained,

Too many times I crossed my life,

When you were the one stabbing with a blunt knife.


It took me long enough to realize,

After sleepless nights and endless cries,

Thinking of the lives you have touched,

The hearts you have scarred,

The souls you have pained,

And for the tears you have drained,

The time that was inevitably wasted,

Thinking why did we even lasted?

Again and again I tried staying afloat,

But you were the one rocking the sinking boat.


No I wasn’t angry or furious,

I’m just disappointed rather curious,

I thought it was all a mistake,

But no, it was a message everyone should take,

Because the best thing I learnt from you was,

There will never be another you.

Not another you.


© Copyright 2018 Amy Furzane. All rights reserved.

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