Recovering heart

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Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



To my love. You lived in the farthest depth of my heart. To my dear. You were a model of living art. To my little piece of joy. You brought a new light to my eyes and invoked emotions and a sense of love for another and by another, that I did not know possible. We had plans to live every heartbeat, every breath, every stride and every stroke of our hand all as one. This time has past, and life moves on. You may seek another, while I’m strangled by the slightest thought that you are still mine. The dreams do not fade, as the empty room in my heart collects the dust of lingering hope of your return.

Waking up, stepping outside, I see the field of my heart must be turned over. For I was rooted in you, and this is why we withered.

Father it is time. I give it to you. Uproot this meadow, burn the remains, and till over the ashes. Mend the soil of my heart, so that new life may grow again. “One day you will love, marry and raise children of your own. Do not lose hope, and do not lose faith. In these things I promise you. Keep open your heart. As I plant new seed, Foster love my son, as I uproot this bitter deed. The dead is gone, now life begins anew.” Father. when a new love enters, may we enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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