See Me in the City

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Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



See Me in the City

Your carnal gaze grazes
caramel gaps ‘tween leaves,
where wind shifts through sun and brush.

See me in the city,
pre-solidified cement…
latent summer afternoons.
Find my prints and namesake
etched into sidewalks
and skyscraping sides:
tags with a trying tension, all
vying to snare your attention.

See me in the city,
as you pass those ripe bins

olfactory buffets
towers of one hundred
pretentiously soured
coffee cups, all crying
my order, while yours was
“just one kiss,
just for now.”

Now see me in yourself
as you glimpse a gait or
a sweep of hand through hair

at a loaded crosswalk,
or in a dim booze house,
or laughing on the steps
of a chapel, eating
dry, pre-packed sandwiches
and conversing with shy,
bobbing daffodils.

Pilgrimaging tumbleweeds
continue on in search of
their Mecca, seeking stains of
meaning between mountains and
seas, deserted skies and those
endlessly clouded highways.

I dance a resident’s dance
outside, apart from your skin

A Cosmopolitan Queen
among thousands, choosing to
be alone, together, as
opposed to anchored in the
tedium, in the static
port of some small ardor. 

See me in the city,

you, a tourist now
and I, the veteran

in the white washed walls of
galleries, beneath domed,
cavernous museum
exhibits or weeping
on an operatic
balcony, savouring
ev’ry culture but ours.

© Copyright 2018 M.F. Sutherland. All rights reserved.