her beauty (so beyond compare)

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Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



Her Beauty (So Beyond Compare)


My love, my dove is fair and beautiful beyond compare.

Her beauty is like a marvelous tree, with every passing day it grows and grows, shooting and towering higher and higher into the sky. Maturing and rising high above the shining horizon. Ascending amongst the clouds, touching their billowy essence, its branches stretching out towards the heavens, reaching for the very stars. It's leaves blowing and swaying in the wind, blooming and budding with flowers of all colors. Their scent filling the air, making every breath a pleasure filled delight. This wondrous tree never ceasing to grow stronger and stronger in beauty and magnificence.

Her beauty is like a shining star in the midnight sky, burning luminous far above the world below. Ever growing, ever maturing in mass and brightness. Filling this vast universe with splendor and radiance beyond compare. Illuminating the Milky Way with fiery light that increases in intensity and volume. Its beauty transcending the very fabric of space, surpassing all substances and dimensions of time. Shining with celestial loveliness that expands and amplifies with every passing second.

Her beauty is like a tornado, growing in strength and intensity. This beauty swirls around me lifting me right off the ground, sending me soaring into the sky. Soaring to heights I have never been. Shooting me out into the atmosphere, transporting me to a heavenly place far above. This tornado increasing in power with every twist of its large funnel, with every whirl of its huge vortex. It surrounds me in pleasurable fervor. It covers me in a mirthful rapture. It encompasses me in fervent ecstasy. It embraces me in blissful intoxication.

Her beauty develops and grows like a lush garden. Blooming all year around, never ceasing to grow in richness and majesty. A garden of bliss and ravishment. A place of pleasure and mirth. A lavish, fertile garden where not only can ecstasy be seen, it can be felt as well. Your senses tingle as it floats on the air all around you. You can taste it in the air. This breathtaking atmosphere is ever expanding, ever flourishing and thriving, continually growing in strength and potency. With every step, you take this garden grows more exquisite, more elegant and more gorgeous. This wonderland gets ever increasingly amazing the more you explore.

Her beauty never ceases to mature and blossom like the blushing rose in springtime. Transforming from a bud to a gorgeous flower. Sprouting forth, opening up and unfolding towards the sky and sun above. The morning dew dripping down its stunning petals. Flourishing, getting stronger and stronger, more and more lovely with every passing day. Growing in beauty filling this world with joy and elegance.

Her beauty is overwhelming and absolutely intoxicating. An inebriating fragrance is her immense beauty. It floats on the air filling the very senses, sousing and saturating them in utter bliss. Growing more overpowering and more inebriating with every passing second.

Her beauty is powerful beyond words. It opens portals to a wonderful realm of bliss and ecstasy. In this realm beauty flies on the wind, swirling around you like a whirlwind creating sensations throughout your entire body. You can feel it flowing through every sense that you possess. You can see it floating on the wind with colors that fascinate and dazzle. You can hear it as it whistles on the wind in all its sounds, rhythms, and melodies. You can smell it filling your nostrils with aromas and scents that send your other senses flying into a deeper form of bliss. You can reach out and touch it with your fingertips, feeling it caress your skin, entering every pore filling your body with euphoria. You can taste it as it flits and dances on your tongue, sending your taste buds to levels of ecstasy that you have never before experienced.

This beauty she possesses is twofold. For not only is she beautiful beyond compare, stunningly lovely in body and figure, but she also houses an immense inner beauty as well. And this beauty starts from deep within, shining forth from her pure stunning heart. Pouring forth like a river from her heart of purest silver, erupting like a volcano from her sweet innocent spirit. It gushes forth like a fountain unleashed, like a geyser uncapped. The treasure chest within her is filled with valuable wealth and riches, a beauty that is beyond price. This inner beauty radiates forth deepening, intensifying and enhancing the extreme outer beauty that she already possesses. She is my love, my dove, my beautiful one.


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