the day of a new life

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The beginning

Submitted: August 16, 2018

Once upon a time there was a boy called James and he was 18 years old and he had a sister called kayleigh and she was 17 years old and they went to meet up with their friends and went ice skating
and bowling with their friends. James and kayleigh had £50 each including for food and James and kayleigh didn't get back home until 11pm. A few months later James and kayleigh found out that there
parents were moving house and James and kayleigh had to go with them and they went to a brand new college and they had to say goodbye to their old friends forever and when first started their first
day at college James and kayleigh made brand new group of friends and that day kayleigh got a boyfriend and James had a girlfriend so James and kayleigh both finally got a relationship. James's
girlfriend was called Nicola and she was 18 years old and kayleigh's boyfriend was called Daniel and he was 17 years old and James and kayleigh were happy.
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The relationship

Submitted: August 16, 2018

There was a princess called Olivia and she had no family and then she met this cute boy she liked and his name was called Charlie and he was 16 years old and a couple months later they fell in love
with each other and Charlie and his family made princess Olivia feel welcome and she lived with them as Charlie and Olivia started a relationship. And people never called her a princess no more
because no one remembered any of her family so she was just called Olivia and she sold her crown and her princess dress. The next day they went on their first date and they went to the weather
spoons for dinner. That night they went a party and it was Charlie's friends party and Olivia also got invited to Charlie's friends party and it finished at 2am and it started at 5pm. That night at
the party they were kissing for hours and then they went upstairs in a bedroom and started talking about their future together and Olivia was 16 years old too.
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