Be One of Those that Do!

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Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



We tend to gripe a lot about how bad things have become.

But all we’re really doing is beating an age-old drum.

The many need to emulate the actions of the few.

’Cause it’s not so much what we say but, rather, what we do.


We like to blame the government for causing all the trouble.

And maybe that’s the reason that the nation’s on the bubble.

Instead of trashing Washington and being red or blue,

just stop praising the ones that say and honor those that do.


A hero’s not the one who comes up with the best sound bite.

A hero takes a stand, then does the things she knows are right.

Too many feel that once they’ve sounded off their job is through.

We’re quick to praise what people say instead of what they do.


We sit and we commiserate that lawyers run the show.

If something happens, though, we make sure they’re the first to know.

They’ll always call the shots as long as we’re so quick to sue.

’Cause sadly, much of what we say does not match what we do.


Instead of pro-life advocates protesting everywhere,

more of them should adopt an older child from foster care.

Not working toward solutions means more problems will ensue.

So don’t give praise to those that say; be one of those that do!


While you’re condemning all the crap your child sees on TV,

some parents are deciding that it’s best to oversee.

It helps if, when the kids are watching, parents are there too.

Then they can use what TV says to teach what not to do.


We want our schools to make sure that no child is left behind.

But when they fail to do so, we don’t ever seem to mind

that no one from the “village” ever comes to the rescue.

Since everyone’s so quick to say, there’s no one left to do.


Our politicians never fail to strike a sour note.

So why, in most elections, do so many fail to vote?

It’s crazy to believe that we can change their point of view

by listening to what they say, not caring what they do.


We always hear that people in this country are too fat.

And then we look to others to do something about that.

We stuff our faces and the pounds continue to accrue.

And far too many simply say, “There’s nothing I can do.”


This country has a ways to go before it’s truly great.

More of us, therefore, should concede not to pontificate.

Our children’s children are the ones to whom we will be true

when we opt not to simply say, but make the choice to do.

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