These are my sandals

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Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



These are my sandals

the thinned cracked straps 

go around my tender ankles

all worn from dried up thirst

on a neverending journey


These are my sandals

coated with dust

they traveled to cities full of hearts

hearts unaware of the unknown traveler

with the worn sandals in their midst


These are my sandals

that leave an imprint everywhere they go

all the followers and all the lost

they find their way in my footprints

and they stay rooted in them


These are my sandals

in each wandering they find no home

never taken off they go to the broken

each door I knock and home I enter

healing is the gift that I bring


These are my sandals

they do not stop walking

but they keep going

to carry all of the pain of this world

and to show love to every traveler


These are my sandals

that travel on a lonely road

the loneliest of all roads

to cry tears and to plant gardens

to build homes and to create joy


These are my sandals

the most rejected and worn of all

the straps torn from giving love

hanging by a thread just to give my life for all

and to plant my paradise in their hearts




Taking off My sandals

I give them to you

be My Love just as I have shown you.

Walk as I have walked

and we'll bring healing to all.

© Copyright 2019 Cordelia Wright. All rights reserved.

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