The Art in our lives

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Just a short rant about a thought


The Art in our Lives


We live our lives in a very unconscious state.
Many think that the goal in life is money or just plain status, them being the same thing can be argued, tried and denied.
The goal of life, the big question, is maybe a bit big to take a bite off this early in my paragraph but I believe sometimes a try is worth more than you would think.
The one thing I have heard is that the goal in life is your own, and the only one who knows what it is is yourself, and while I do agree with that I would like to divulge a bit into that because there is one word that would describe it perfectly, and that word is Art.

Art takes a part in everybody's life even if you don't notice it, from birth right up to your death. it surrounds you in all shapes and forms. if you can agree that Art is a very conspicuous thing if you think so as I, I can believe that you can follow my train of thought. Everything you look at, if it would be a shitty poster or your bed, is someones doing. if you think about it someone has put hours into the product, maybe your bed is just planks holding together the Willy Wonka house you have, even so, someone has put hours into the making of that. "What about the streamlined production of a blank paper I got in my hand?" you ask, well the design from that have probably come from someone's head, somebody has made the machines that produce them, someone has cut the trees for the product and so on, even if its only one mans product, it is still someone's hours.

And that is where art comes into the picture.
Most people, including myself, obliviously steer away from these thoughts, it is too mind-boggling to imagine yourself surrounded by other people you've never met, and when I say, other people, I mean their ideas and thoughts, because what else are we in this dystopian future we found ourselves in other than the very thoughts that are trapped in our heads.

Time is money, we hear. That is, of course, derived that money is the ultimate currency, not time itself. we value things with money, as such you would think that money is limited, but no, it is time which is limited, and it is us who makes the decision what to spend it on. So what happens when we invest time into things? 

We "invent" what I like to call Art. 

You are using art every second of your life, remember to treasure every bit of it, and maybe, just maybe, this piece has convinced you to spend your time more valuable, because what else are we than thought :)

Submitted: August 16, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Stepless. All rights reserved.

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LE. Berry

I love this essay Stepless. I'd leave a smile face thing for a 'like' but I'd rather say it...artist.

Sat, August 18th, 2018 2:22am


Haha, appreciate it :), didn't know if the point made it through but seems it did. Cheers for the weekend

Sat, August 18th, 2018 5:42am

Bert Broomberg

Interesting article. I agree with most of your views. However, you seem to claim that everything that gets made is art. It is true, that before it was made, it must have been conceived by someone as an object worth making. It seems to me to be too narrow a basis for calling something art. The most crappy objects have been designed, but that does not mean I am willing to call them art. Also investing time into something doesn't automatically mean that the end result is a piece of art. Again, think about the time spent on making the most worthless crap that exists. Just think about a product that used to be sold a couple of years ago, a tiny scent capsule that could be inserted into a toilet roll so that the paper smelled nice before you wiped your butt and threw it in the toilet bowl. Someone dreamt it up as a product worth making, and there was a factory that made the stuff. Now, I wouldn't call that art. I guess there are millions of things like that.

Fri, August 24th, 2018 10:48pm


I don't think art is as simple as something you yourself can define, what I was trying to convey in my essay was more on the fact that I define art as something that actually makes a difference for me, in the way that everything that I look at has some guys dream, work or just maybe thoughts in it, and that for me makes the world a place of art.
While I do agree that something as shallow as the tiny scent capsule shouldn't have a big place, as art, in your life, it should perhaps just put a smile on your face that someone actually thought to do something like that

Thank you for your review :) glad you enjoyed the piece

Tue, October 2nd, 2018 2:34am

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