Black Lake

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A group of 5 friends agree to take a weekend vacation by staying in a cabin in the remote hills around their hometown, but this vacation isn't as innocent as it seems.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Episode I: Awake

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018




We were sat in Jake's house. He lived towards the woods and we could here the creatures of the night come out, the wind rustling against the trees and the heavy tappings of the rain.
His home was reasonably sized, we were all sat in his kitchen. His kitchen was positioned at the back of his house and led into his small garden. His garden was looked after well. Jake was a very superstitious guy. He once made me leave my job at the gas station early because he thought that he had "sasquatch footprints" at the back of his garden.
When one walked into his house they could see the amount of dreamcatchers he had hung up everywhere as well as posters of the U.S that had sightings of unexplained phenomana pin-pointed on by a small black dot and a line. If one followed that line to the side of the poster one would a see a small paragraph that would explain what was seen there.
Jake had a telescope set up in his garden, not for stargazing or astrology but for seeing if he could spot a U.F.O; we all loved Jake. We all loved each other. The five of us could not imagine a world without each of us constantly seeing each other, and we liked it that way.
We had left highschool two years ago, we all shared the house. I referred to it as Jake's because he likes to call it 'his' whenever he is being asked about it.
Our house consisted of a livingroom, a kitchen, a small back-garden, a garage that could be entered from the kitchen, a bathroom and four bedrooms (Kate and Henry shared).
Our house was in the town of Black Lake. It was a beautiful communtity. The town was small and stuffed into the north-eastern corner of Oregon. Jake had always gone-on about how he wished we lived in western Oregon, you know; along the coastline.
My name is Ben. Ben Harvard. The only other person left is Sophie. I have finally convinced the others to go up to my father's cabin this year. My dad has always wanted me to use it since he never does and don't to dissapoint him.
Sophie Jenkins was a friend of mine since elementary school; we had pretty much grown-up together. She was heavily invested into modern culture, she was great.
Kate was ok, she did get on my nerves every once in a while but she was generally ok. Henry was great. We had lots in common.
Sophie stood up and shut the garden door.
"So, I was thinking; why don't we go up to Ben's father's cabin tommorow?" She suggested
"Why?" Jake asked
"Because we promised him we would and it's officially winter now so..."
"Yeah! I agree with Sophie, why don't we?" Kate said

The Next Day:
Our car pulled up through the snow to the front of the cabin. The snow was falling heavy, we had made sure that the house was locked and safe. Our plan was to stay here for the night and then leave early tommorow, in hope of beating the heavy snow that is sure to fall.
From the outside the cabin looked cosy and warm on the outside. The idea of a bunch of teenagers staying in a log cabin for a weekend seemed like something from a horror story, the outside did give the feel of Stephen King's Dreamcatcher.
I always thought that King was a great author, our friend group was always dabbling in and out of books. Not in a nerdy way but in the way that if we like the sound of something we buy, read it and then it stick it on our shelf.
Sophie was probably the biggest reader out of the group. If we asked here what she was reading the response would be a multitude of titles. Last month I asked her out of curiosity and my answer was;
"Well I'm only reading; Pride And Prejudice, The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall, Wuthering Heights and To Kill A Mockingbird."
I guess she just loves reading. I suppose that everyone can enjoy reading, we just have to find something that we enjoy. Like, I used to know this guy who kept on asking me to recommend him scary books, I told him 3; The Shining, Thin Air and Dracula. He bought all three and he isn't even past page 20 of The Shining. I mean I do appreciate him trying something new but, if he really wanted to do it that bad he shouyld have sat down and read it, not constantly call me and ask me where the scary parts are.
We all left the truck and went to the back, where we had stashed all of our bags, we all grabbed our own bags and began the short walk towards the cabin. I was at the front of the group and Jake did a brief run to catch me up.
"You know that my dad went hunting around here and he came home early."
"Because he saw something, man. I'm telling you and I know I go on about this a lot but there is something out in these woods."
"Did he say what he saw?"
"Yeah! He said it was like some creepy figure lurking in the trees."
"Did he consider it could just be another hunter?"
"No! He said that this thing was big, he's been hunting longer than we've been alive! He knows these woods! If it made him come home early from hunting then it must have been serious."
"Ok, you know I kind of believe these things, or I at least understand where you're coming from but I would rather you didn't go around telling that story, it's taken me this long to convince you guys to come and I don't need some creepy story postponing this further in the world of 'never gonna happen'."
We entered the cabin, it was a huge mass of varnished wood and taxidermy. I expected the place to be caked in dust but I guess when I called my dad to tell him that we are using the place he must have came here and cleaned the place.
The downstairs level consisted of a living room, a kitchen, a downstairs bathroom and a games room, upstairs was another bathroom and 4 rooms (lucky that Henry and Kate shared).
My room was the one my dad usually stayed in, I knew that because he always told me that when he stayed up there the deer head he placed over the bed creeped him out. He also left me a note.
I am so happy to know that you are finally taking your friends up to the cabin, I cleaned the place late last night. When you are finished up there why not come and visit me?
Lots Of Love
If you see anything worrying call me or if you see something dangerous call the sheriff.
I put the note down on the desk and stepped towards the window. The surrounding area was surrounded by douglas firs that were powdered with snow. Speaking of snow; it was quickly falling.
Darkness fell quickly out here in the middle of nowhere, but it was comforting to see the lights of the town just to the right of my bedroom window.
"Thank you dad, I love you." I say looking out of the window.
I hear a commotion downstairs, I take off my coat, slide off my shoes and head downstairs.
I could see that they had made themselves comfortable and had a poker game going on at the coffee table. I see Sophie who looks at me and then gestures for me to go with her into the kitchen. I do.
"Yes?" I ask
"I really love you, I am glad that we can love each other as friends and not as a couple." Sophoe said
"Yeah, I'm glad we made that decision, it makes things more erh, more free." I said, feeling slightly awkward; feelings were never a strongpoint of conversation for me; I don't know why but it just made me feel awkward.
"Yes! Exactly." Sophie leans towards and kisses me on my left cheek.
"Now Sophie, I highly doubt that you got me in here to small-talk about something we've spoken about many times."
"No it wasn't. I saw something outside the cabin."
"Have you been talking to Jake?"
"No! I was in here making a drink and I saw someone walk past the window."
"What did it look like?"
"Are you sure?"
"Crap. What should we do then?"
"I don't know; it scared the hell out of me."
We heard someone stand up and nudge the coffee table when they did it, we felt is necessary to cover-up our conversation so I began pouring a drink and she fiddled around with the oven. It was John. I grabbed him and pulled him to over to a spot where the others in the living room couldn't see us.
"John!" I whispered, as I now felt inclined to make our conversation a secret.
"Sophie saw something outside."
"Like what?"
"It looked like a person, I was over there making a drink and I just saw it walk past the window."
"Right, Ben grab your shoes, I'm gonna make an excuse because I don't want this weekend becoming a freakin' witch hunt."
I came back down, clutching my coat and put it on with Jake and Sophie at the door. We then crept out, while being covered with Jake's excuse. Whatver that was.
"Jake, I don't want to assume the worst but I know you're into folklore and all that shit so what does kinda sound like it could be?  Presuming it isn't just someone else in the woods. Which, since it's now 9pm and we are literally in the middle of nowhere is still pretty creepy."
"I don't know, I'd take a guess and say maybe something like a saquatch or maybe it could be the thing my father saw."
The woods were no longer the picturesque location that they were during the day; they were now a living nightmare. The sounds of nocturnal animals could be heard, as could the whisperings of the wind and the tappings of the snow that was now heavily falling against the ground.

Black Lake was a very small community, it reached around 3,000 residents. The town was engulfed in multitudes of snow.
The sheriff's department was calm at the busiest of days, but on this day; 5 parents and the F.B.I were all in the building.
Sheriff Jenkins was not only the father of Sophie but he was also the best sheriff a town could ever have. He was fun, understanding but also was a mean bastard when he wanted to be.
"Remind me again please, why are the F.B.I required in my town?" He asked
"Because a dangerous criminal has escaped and we believe him to be in your town. We did not choose to be here but we are helping you a great deal by catcing the son-of-a-bitch before he kills again!"
"Why is he so dangerous?"
"2 years ago a logging camp around here was discovered to have numerous bodies hanging up in the trees. You must have heard about it."
"I only became sheriff last year so I only heard about it in passing comments."
"Well we were called in, and we captured the man. He lived at a trailer park around here, he was a real sicko, he had all of the victims photographed and then placed over a map of the town to show where they lived, it was like he wanted us to find him."
"Most killers do, after a while. Anyway, what was his name?"
"Edward Lase."
"Right, well my daughter is up in log cabin. Is it alright if I take one of your agents up their with me?"
The night became darker and darker, the three of us trudged through the snow.
"Those two will probably be wondering where we are, why don't we call it a night, head back, go to bed and tell them in the morning."
"I agree with Sophie, I don't know about you Jake but I rather be out here when I can actually see."
"Fine, let's head back."
The darkness of the night eventually broke with the friendly lights of the cabin, we got up to the door and gently opened it. We found that Kevin and Kate had both chosen to sit on the settee and their focus was on the airmchair.
We continued through the room and saw that a man was sitting in the chair, he was around (I'd say) mid-forties, had messy stubble covering his chin and wore a thick coat.
"Hi Jake." Kate said
"Who's this?" I asked
"Oh, I'm sorry. I was lost out here, my name is Edward; pleased to meet you."
The End
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