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This poem describes a man running as a form of exercise and therapy. The run also alludes to him running away from his emotions, problems, and "true-self" as well. I feel as though it is the best
way I could give my audience a means to visualize dealing with a dissociative episode or being in a state of dissociation. I Have entered this into the poetry contest and if I win I vow to donate
20% of my earnings to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



As the effervescent sunlight hits his eyes, he feels nothing.  His mind, a subject of disarray, his objective is a clean slate.  As he runs, lactic acid fills every fragment of his physical being, yet he persists.  He remains ever stoic even as he proceeds down the path. In hopes that perhaps, if he runs fast and long enough that he can disconnect from his consciousness entirely.  We are no longer associated and I am simply masqueraded.  His mask is slowly breaking and crumbling to the floor beneath him, just as I have. I lay at his feet begging to salvage what remains of his woke mind.  He confides in me that my weight is too much to bear.  He already carries the weight of the world upon his shoulders and even Atlas broke in due time.  I scream out for attention from behind the window of his subconscious mind.  Beating on already broken glass but still, he refuses to hear me.  My voice drowned out by the aspect of Hades and familiars of the past.  We are no longer associated and our ties have slowly dissipated since pubescence.  Previously, I would rarely be ignored but now I desperately hold onto who we were before, hoping he reclaims his adolescent essence.  He stands a stone man with shoulders made of snow.  He does not let anyone close, keeping me at a distance from most.  He disdain affection and refrain from hugs.  His demeanor has been stripped and psyche chipped down to the core. He does not know if he has a place to house love anymore.  He keeps running but my feet are worn.  I need rest and reconciliation, no longer can I keep patiently waiting.  He cannot run forever and I do not need to chase him because I am right here, we are simply unassociated.

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