Third Sister Angel Red Ivy, Goddess of Wine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - How does an angel becomes a Goddess?

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018




Daniel Wren Chung

Third sister Red Ivy, the Goddess of Wine


Scene 1


Once upon a time Europe was a continent of a bread basket, the people were like brothers to each other, and government like fathers to the people. However, there was too much economic stagnation and people blame each other for unrealistic expectations; and disease, famine, and immorality destroy ravage the whole population.


There was a blind man with a long beard in a meditative position, and gray bandages wrapped around his eyes.  It was a quiet remote, peaceful, and serene area.  The sounds were the same for the The blind man listening to the sounds and observing the world like he is seeing the world; birds were chirping and cricket were dancing; then, there will be sounds of death, animals killing other animals, and sometimes he hear humans passing by for trading, and sometimes poets singing and dancing, and sometimes hearing romantic couples flirting; there were more lively and happy moods then sad moods.  But there was one sound that was strange- a feeling of family warmth or a feeling of enlightenment. Is there really a sound of warm feeling?


“Zazen, Zazen!”


“Mother, Father,” said the blind boy. The scene turned into a flashback in the old man’s memories. The little blind boy was grieving over his dying mother and father died from an unknown disease that has been terrorizing the whole country. 

“My son, there is clean river, you know where the market is, and you know how to farm, and you know how to travel with your blindness, but be careful of strangers. They do not know themselves, and they will confuse you and bring you misfortune, said the dying father.

“ I will be careful, “ said little Zazen.

“ My son, if you ever feel lonely you can always go to the nearby sanctuaries they can offer you some help but do not depend on them,” said the mother.

“Yes mother, I know how to take care of myself and remembered what you taught, though I cannot see and read, I will be able to survive,” said Zazen.



“You know how to brew wine, so you have some trade skills already. I am sorry you are alone in this world, but the plague is widespread and you need to be careful. Nowhere is safe,” said Mother.  Both parents appear to be a very spiritual and the parents died. And after the memory faded, the bearded man came back to his reality, and red tears fell down from his bandages from his eyes. It looked like blood. But he does not know. And Zazen continued his mediation.



In a new imagination, or a thought like hologram appeared, like it was the old man’s in flashback. There was a lady in red and long white hair sat on the rooftop drinking out of her wooden flask. She appeared majestic or angelic. She was looking at the city homes and other ninja assassins like were flying in the air and entering people’s home, some went through walls and some morphed into animals. However, there were no screams, nor did they took any possessions. And another lady in yellow with dark hair flew into her rooftop.


“ My sister ( Ivy or Hua Mei-Mei), ( Hua pronounce as flower in Chinese, Mei-Mei is sister),” said another seductive majestic woman. “What are you doing here all alone, and drinking and not working?”

“Sister Lily, we have all the time in the world, why such a rush,” said Hua.

“Its not us that we are sending plagues, we are just dividing the people until they realize they need each other. The disease has already been introduced down from above that will kill a majority of these people, good and bad. We have been watching humanity rise and fall. I feel  I want to do something different this time,” said Hua. “I’m tired”

“ What can you do, we are immortals that obey the divine will,” said Lily.

“Ha, Ha,” laughed Hua, drinking her wine. “I don’t think we can do nothing wrong, we are created as perfect beings, but sometimes I will watch the humans, and they will surprise me.”

“ You don’t like to follow orders Hua Mei Mei. You like to sit back and relax,” said Lily. “Big sister  may not be happy. She may even punish you.”

“Have you ever wonder, second sister, where we came from and where we were born,” said Hua.

“ We came from heaven,” said Lily.




“ Look at the humans, they procreate, their children have parents, and grandparents. But what about us, how were we born. Those humans have emotions that forbid and emotions to overturn their own laws they create,” said Hua. Suddenly, sister Lily took her flask and with her gargoyle like wings  spread and she flew away, playing and flirting with Hua. And Hua gave chase until they reach a certain area where Zazen was born and lived. The family prayed in the shrine while Hua, invisible, watched infront of them by laying infront of the statue as if she was the god/goddess they were praying.


“God, have mercy on us, have mercy on our child, My Zazen , who is born blind. I prayed that the child may escape death that is terrorizing the city,” said the father. The mother and father bowed down infront of Hua and light the incense infront of the altar, or infront of Hua. And Hua mediated. Hua smiled at them, and offer a manual how to brew wine like it fell from the heaven.

What is this,” said the father. The baby was crying. “Its a manual for cultivating brewing wine.”

“ We can go to the outskirts where the plague is less severe and produce it back to the market,” said the mother. They both left with the hope of an optimistic future.

“ How humble you are Hua, it seems you have gave them some hope for survival in this cruel world,” said Lily with a flirty attitude, kissing Hua.

“Hmmm… Zazen,” said Hua to herself.  And the image faded, and the old blind man who was Zazen  return back to reality. The old man took out his own wooden flask of wine and drank, and then he went outside breathing the new afternoon air.


“ Sir, you are bleeding,” said a servant boy. “I think you may have been affected with the plague.”

“ Its okay, I had live a good full life. This winery will be yours one day, do not return to the city with the wine you produce but let the city come and get it, and that way you can prevent yourselves less likely from catching any contagious diseases,” said the old Zazen.

“Father Zazen, tell me more about your family,” said the servant boy.

“ I don’t remember much, but only voices here and there, and  feelings that I spend with them,” said old Zazen. “ You should go to school, and listen to wise teachers.”  And the old Zazen went into the waterfall, listening to the sound, and feeling the cool breeze of wet air, drinking his wine until another memory and image came into being.



Scene 2

Another black cloud came into being, to bring a memory back. It was when he was a young adults, he traveled with a honest trader along with his new barrel of wine. He would listen to the people’s voices and their footsteps, observing everyone tone of voices, like it was a secret skill to understand human beings, or the key to distinguish human’s intention whether they are good or bad. Sometimes the barking of a dog has also a meaning.


“ Can you please spare some change my good sir,” said a penhandler.

“I am sorry we don’t have anything,” said young Zazen. And the penhandler left.  “ My friend you should not give your hard earn money to these people.”

“ Why not, Master,” said the honest trader.

“ Judging by his tone of voice, he is not sincere, you will be just wasting your charity on him,” said young Zazen.

“Look some beautiful ladies, over there,” said the trader.

“ Do not be charmed by them, there tone of voices have a lot of evil. They will surely plot something,” said young Zazen.

“ Then who can we trust,” said the trader.

“Trust your feelings,” said young Zazen. And they both went to the nearby gloomy market to sell there new barrel of wine.  And Zazen and the trader rode on with their horse carriage. From a distance, Hua and Lily was on top of the roof observing young Zazen like they can hear what people are saying and thinking.

“ It seems your boy has cultivated a righteous attitude,” said Lily. And Hua thought and smiled.

“There is something he should learn, that is sex,” said Hua.

“Oh, how will you teach him, he is immune to prostitutions,” said Lily.

“ Go and visit his dreams,” said Hua.

“ I thought that was your man,” said Lily, laughing.

“ We usually set political leaders against each other, through lust and extramarital affairs, but this time I want to teach him the meaning of sex,” said Hua, drinking her wooden wine.

“ What can he learn about the meaning of sex,” said Lily.

“My sister just go and visited him as yourself as a succubus,” said Hua, smiling with her own intentions.



And the image faded and a new one began. The morning sun was rising , and sister Hua and sisate Lily were sitting on the flat rocks near at the pond.


“These animals are so pure, they can see us and touch us,” said Lily picking up a rabbit. Hua and Lily was watching the cute blind baby Zazen growing up while his parents were learning the art of brewing wine.  And times moved fast, the child Zazen was playing, running, and asking questions about the world. He adapted and learned fast with his handicap. Soon he would walk and sit nearby towards the river listening to wind and the flowing of the river and the splashing sound of water. Sometimes fishes would jump, and he recognizes the sounds and the type of fish. While Sister Hua was watching him and became amused. And sister Lily would go catch butterflies. 


One day little Zazen walked out of the home area and following an unfamiliar sound which lead him to a cave, and in the cave it made odd sounds, high pitch and low pitch sounds.  Hua paid a little more attention to him because he was entering a dark place, and she continued to drink her habitual wine. Does she ever stop drinking and does she ever runs out of wine?  And Lily threw her sewing needles and tread, like a weapon, into the cave which created a mark of entrance or exit point as a guide for little Zazen as he was observing varies sounds inside the cool calming dark pitch black cave.


Suddenly, Hua notices a snake has entered the cave. The snake had eyes of red and was no ordinary snake, he heard the footsteps of Zazen. And in the dark cave, the snake just follow the vibrations and Zazen stopped, and the snake also stopped. Zazen listen on the ground and he hears whispers and minor slow tone voices like the earth was talking to him – “ Be careful a poisonous snake is nearby.” Zazen sat down in a meditative position, and he felt a warm fiery light circling him inside the dark cave. Then the voice of his parents’ shouted looking for Zazen – “ Son, Son where are you?” And the vibrations of his parents voices led the snake out of the cave. And Zazen also stood up and follow there voices and he united his parents.

“My sweet little boy, I was so worried about you,” said the mother. Hugging him and with tears. Zazen was feeling this hug was similar to the candle light fire that was circling him, it was warm. And Hua and Lily was amused.

“ Such a sweet family,” said Lily.

“ Yeah,” said Hua. Then another day little Zazen was sitting under a tree and notices the sounds of the fallen leaves. There was no sound but it created a sound of empty space, like it was cutting up the third dimension. Sister Lily was looking how majestic he appears and she flirted with him by taking  some leaves and blew it onto him. Little Zazen, pick up one of those the green leaves, it had a nice smelling odor, a spearmint, and he tastes it and created imaginations in his mind. And he wondered about the sounds he heard in the cave, and decided to played it like a flute musical instrument. Lily and Hua was amused. Little Zazen had a new toy and new knowledge he can explore and keep himself amused.

“Should we go hunt some more humans and destruction,” said Lily.

“ I think it will be find, the other minions will carried its orders, let us just enjoy and observe life for the short period of time because its not often we get to come to earth,” said Hua. And the flowers around Hua and Lily, its rose petals was carried off with the wind and into Zazen while he was playing with his new instrument and he notice a different smell, the fragrance. He began to imagine the world around him like an odor flying around, like the smoke of a fresh cook meal, and the smell in the air that is created one knows what food is it because one recognized that smell.

And now the whole image has faded and back to the reality of the old man Zazen inside his home but this time his nose was bleeding.


Scene 3


        “ Xiaoyu ?? ( chinese pronunciation of little rain), Who are you,” said Old Zazen whispered slowly to himself, while his nose is bleeding slowly, which he did not feel a thing. And another memory image appeared . 
                    “Son your nose is bleeding,” said mother. “You are bleeding all over the place and you got your clothes dirty. Teenage Zazen touched his nose.
                    “ Did someone hit you,” said Mother. 
                    “No, no one did,” said teen Zazen. 
                    “ I hope you did not catch the disease,” said mother. 
                    “ I don’t think it’s the disease, he does not have the same skin symptoms like the others,” said father.  The father wipe his nose with the cloth. And he lay him on the straw bed. 
                    “Its okay, take a rest my son,” said mother.  The mother put a warm cloth on his forehead and let him rest. 
                    “May I have some wine,” said teenage Zazen.  The mother smiled and pour some wine for him for him to sleep.  And both parents left the room and only teenage Zazen was in the room. And on top ceiling was Hua, sitting on a small wooden corner.  Hua came down like a ghost without hearing any footsteps, and she tried the wine that was left in the table, picking up his flask like an invisible ghost.
                    “Hmm. Its almost perfect,” said Hua. Teenage Zazen heard some voices but not clearly while he is in a drunken state of mind like he is in a parallel universe. 

                    “Mother, Mother,” said Teenage Zazen talking in his dream, but not in the reality. Hua hearing his voice telepathically and smiled. 

                    “ I am here, my boy,” said Hua.

                    “Mother I am scared,” said Teen Zazen, his nose was bleeding in his astral body.  Hua touched his hands and comforted him with a motherly embracement.. And Zazen became calm again. And Hua with a swing of with her long kimono red dress change the scenery from dark to a bright sunny garden with flowers. Zazen sat up pretending he has eyes and feels he is looking at the beautiful scene. 

                    “Mother, is that you,” said Teen Zazen reaching her face. 

                    “Yes its me,” said Hua, looking deeply into him. Hua was looking at teen Zazen dumbfounded as she was experiencing a new emotion. 

                    “ Who are you, where did you came from,” said Teen Zazen. 

                    “ I…,” said Hua. “Where did I came from?”

                    “ You are not mother, but you are like…”, said Teen Zazen. “ A goddess?”

                    “ Hahaha,” laughed Hua, drinking her wine. “I will protect you. You do not have to be afraid.” 

Then there is a fire on the other side of the garden scenery, where the villages and people were screaming and crying. 

                    “Why are they crying,” said teen Zazen. 

                    “ They have done many bad deeds, so that they are being punished in this lifetime,” said Hua. 

                    “ What did they do?”

                    “I don’t know, but I have to follow orders to bring famine and war,” said Hua. 

                    “ So you done all of this,” said teen Zazen. “ Will you take me there and show me.” Hua was looking at him. 

                    “ Mother does not like me entering the city, I wanted to see what it is like,” said Teen Zazen. And Hua shook her head. And Hua took his hand and the scenery magical changed into the middle of the city, where its on fire, people running, and dead corpses around the city. 


                    “ Do you smell it,” said Hua, in a low tone of voice.  And Zazen bend over like as he can see the dying person who was inflicted with the common disease. And touch him and his hand became black and dead. And the fire scene became gray and white and portals of black hands appear reaching for Zazen. 


                    “Ah, help me,” scream teen Zazen. 

                    “ Its only an illusion, child,” said Hua. Hua held him and all the gloomy arms faded away and back to his room again lying on his bed still in his dream astral state. 

                    “ Will you come and visit me again,” said Zazen. Hua smiled.  “ Mother, I never knew what is your name.” And the dream faded, and the old man Zazen waken once more from his mediation, and slowly lifted his head. In his old hermit home it was still dark, half of it disappeared while another half of his home was still intact. It looked very strange and gloomy. Something was not right, it was distorted. 



Scene 4


In a flash back to another scene, the young Zazen now a young handsome man, with his long dark hair has matured and with wisdom and experience in business transaction of trading wine.

“ Mr. Zazen, thank you for your great wine,” said a merchant.

“ You welcome, it is nice to do business with you,” said adult Zazen, leaving his shop.

“ Here is your payment, “ said the merchant, and he gave it to his boy servant.

“ Its correct Master,” said the servant boy, for account inspection.

“ The plague is slowing down. That means the death rate is slowing and more people more business,” said the merchant.

“That’s good. I would try to smile often and hopefully bring hope to others,” said Zazen, smiled. Zazen and the servant boy was finished for the day and they have to walk one whole day to return back home from the market.

“ Would like to buy anything before we go home,” said young Zazen.

“ No sir, I do not have any desire of anything, your home is already enough for me,” said the servant boy.

“ Do not be humble, go ahead take some money and buy some candy for yourself,” said Zazen. “ I will wait at the park. Go fetch some water and some bread as well.” Zazen sat next to a huge tree with a big shade; it was a very hot day. Then a shadow flew over the top of Zazen’s head like a bird flew passed. Hua was looking down and smiling.

“ It appears my boy have grown up,” said Hua. Hua.

“Sister, sister. The people are slowly recovering from their sins,” said Lily, who shape shifted into a yellow snake.

“ Even though he is mature but he still has the child instincts,” said Hua. Hua pour her flask of wine over his head, which seems like it never gets empty.

“ Is it raining,” said Zazen. And then he smell the scent of wine that is closely resembles his own brewed.

“Master, master. Here is some water and some bread,” said the servant.

“ Let’s get going it may rain,” said Zazen.

“ I don’t see any clouds,” said the servant.

“ Hmph, lets be off anyway,” said Zazen, drank some water and they both left the scene.


Hua and the yellowsnake Lily were watching  on above the tree. Hua begin take a nap.

“ Have you visited in his dreams yet Sister Lily,” said Hua.

“ Yes,” said Lily.

“ Good,” said Hua.

“ He was interesting, he put up with good restrained, but at the end he cannot be helped,” said Lily.

“ Ha, ha,” laughed Hua. “But I don’t think he would be able to get marry in this life time.”

“ The morals of the people are rising again,” said Lily.

“ Yes, soon we have to leave and new angels would be sent down, and we will be able to rest for another thousand years,” said Hua, looking at the sky drinking her wine. “We can always travel far out and see what kind of beings we can help rather then punish.”

“Sister.  When have you became so benevolent,” said yellowsnake Lily. “ Have you visited in his dreams yet?”

“ I have, he calls me Xiaoyu, his mother,” said Hua.

“There parents died already,” said Lily snake.

“Yes, he must missed them,” said Hua.


Scene 5


Young Zazen and the boy servant traveled midway of their journey and decided to rest in the forrest near the main road. The boy servant gathered up firewood and ate the bread and water that they brought with them.


“How long have you been with me,” said young Zazen.

“ Its been seven years,” said the servant boy.

“ There are many things you need to learn while you are growing up,” said Zazen.

“ I remember when my parents died, you took me in,” said servant boy.


Yes, Ku ( ? meaning to care for). I remember someone did that for me after I buried my parents,” said young Zazen.  “ It was strange, to think about it I don’t quite remember how it came to be. But… get some rest now. We need to get up early tomorrow.” And  Ku slept, while Zazen was thinking under the moonlight, he brought his own secret flask with wine and was thinking how it came to be that he was rescue by a certain monk. As young Zazen continue to drink he remember the voices and sounds of the cries of the people, the cries of his parents, and the cries when he was a boy grieving his dying parents. And then he remembers another voice, as he continues to drink and drink and again that similar feeling came about once more. The image around him started to changed. It was in the shrine and a mysterious being who looks like Hua but in a dark shadowy figure, and had the same outfit but a male’s voice.

“ Do you want to die,” said the shadow in the shrine to young Zazen, in a male’s voice.

“ No, I don’t want to die,” said young Zazen. And then he was holding a baby. It was looking at him, and then suddenly it talked.

“ Father, father is that you,” said baby child Zazen. And he was scared and dropped the baby and the image suddenly changed again, to young Zazen.

“ Let go of your past, let go of what you know. Come and follow me,” said the shadow male Hua. And soon a big dark snake was approaching to him outside of the dream.

“Who are you, why aren’t you suffering like the rest of the people,” said the dark snake. Zazen was feeling its moving over his body.  

“Are … you an animal,” said Zazen, inside his dream he saw another shadow figure, from the ground white white glowing eyes and a human figure body but the lower half is a snake.  

“ Ha-ha, so you are blind,” said the black snake and was amused. The snake becoming closer and whispers into his ear.

“My body,  I cannot move,” whispers Zazen in the dream state.

“Why do you have so much love, Zazen,” said the dark snake looking into his mind. “I cannot see any woman you love or anybody you desire.”

“ Who are you,” said Zazen.

“My name is Zozo,” said the black snake.  “I can see people’s desires and I manifest it. But you, since you are blind I cannot see anything but voices. You are special, I have not encounter your kind for a while, at least not as powerful as you are. You have a strange light.”

“Zozo,” said young Zazen.

“Ha-ha, I can see it now, those crying voices you bear, and the voices you admired the most,” said Zozo. “ Hmph, but this voice, this cannot be. It is not mortal.”

“ Who,” said Zazen.

“ Someone who finds you special,” said Zozo. “But I can be that special one for you for now.” Zozo, the black snake morphed into a beautiful female with black skin and white hair, the dream state and the outside of dream state became one image. “ You cannot see me,  but I am sure you can imagine what I look like,” said Zozo.

“You… are, very beautiful,” said Zazen, who remained paralyzed still, yet he can feel her skin surrounding his body. Zozo, her beautiful black smooth unusual skin with snake scales slowly caresses Zazen, and Zozo with her long snake tongue kisses Zazen. And behind the bushes Hua and Lily showed up as snakes as well. The yellow snake Lily was above the trees looking, and Hua the red snake swimming nearby also observing.


“That looks like sister Zozo,” said Lily the yellow snake.


“Hmph, she is trying to corrupt Zazen’s mind,” said Hua the red snake. And the red snake left the scene and into the cemetery along with Lily the yellow snake, and they morphed back into human like bodies.

“Sad Sister,” said Lily.  Hua looking at Lily and drank her flask of wine.

“ Big sister is doing her duty, I cannot argue with that,” said Hua.

“Oh, my little sister is jealous,” said Lily. And her sister Zozo appeared.

“ My beautiful sisters,” said Zozo. “Hua, you are paying too much attention to him.”

“Their parents prayed infront of me, I wanted to answered their prayers that’s all,” said Hua.

“But for how long you are going to watch over him, a life time or two,” said Zozo.

“ Sister, why don’t you tell me where I came from and who my parents were,” said Hua. And Zozo comforted Hua and held and kiss her.

“ You know we don’t live in the past nor ask questions, we are angels only to serve the Master,” said Zozo. “ We will have to leave soon, the master, wants the population to multiply again soon. Don’t stay too long, do not let your emotions over take you my little sister.” And Zozo with bat wings ascended into the dark sky.  And Hua drank her wine.


“ You go ahead Sister Lily, let me be alone and think of things,” said Hua. And Sister Lily morphed into a yellow snake and left the area to find other humans to tempt.


Zazen’s mind was spinning, he cannot see but the feelings of seduction and flirtation is starting to give him an image, an image of a fish and a snake combine.


“Mother, mother,” said Zazen in the astral dream. Where in his dream the scene was all dark with small stars surrounding Zazen and no forrest or Ku. And Hua turn and look at Zazen as she is receiving telepathic communication from him.  Hua remained as a ghost like always walks towards the sleeping Zazen, and passes by the servant boy Ku. Ku just felt a cool breeze as Hua went through his body.





Hua bend forward and sat next to Zazen and looked at him, helplessly. Hua took Zazen’s flask of wine and drank from it, like an invisible ghost picking up his wooden flask.

“ Hmm, good, good,” said Hua. Hua took his flask and empty it and poor her wine into his. And she touch his head like a mother or a lover, and left.  Finally morning arrived and both Ku and Zazen woken.

“My pants is wet once again,” whispers Zazen.  “ It’s the same feeling like the other dream. Why?.” Zazen’s face became red. “Let’s go Ku.”


Scene 6




Zazen and Ku finally coming back home with empty and other filled barrels of wine.

“Ku. Lets cook something good tonight,” said Zazen.

“Alright, finally something good,” said Ku, smiling.

“ Prepare the firewood, and catch some fish,” said Zazen. “I’ll marinate some pork we brought back with my wine.” So when everything was ready, Zazen pour some of his wine of Hua’s wine.

“ Master, it smells so good,” said Ku. “Maybe we can sell fish sauce one day with our wine.”

“ Hahaha,” laughed Zazen. The odor from the wine and the cooking made a special aroma odor. After they both ate it, Zazen pour some of his wine for Ku.

“ Master, you never gave me wine before,” said Ku.

“ Ku, don’t call me master anymore , just call me father,” said Zazen, smiling. “ Drink as much as you want until you are drunk.” After the 20th cup of wine, Ku was becoming drowsy.

“ Father, I think I am full,” said Ku. “ Why don’t you drink any?”

“ You can hold yourself pretty well,” said Zazen. Finally Ku passes out. Zazen carry Ku to bed like a good father. Zazen went back to the kitchen and pour some of his wine and began his first cup.

“ Hmm, why is the taste much different,” said Zazen. Zazen starts to mediate and figuring out the missing ingredient.

“ It has almost all its favor except this special aroma,” said Zazen. And with this new thought Zazen was inspire and motivate to try out different experimentation to equal that godly wine taste.

And then the image started to faded and into back to reality of the old Zazen in a mediation tradition, lotus stance, and instead of half of the home remain but the rest of his home became ash, and he was there sitting all by himself, nose were bleeding, and eyes were bleeding. And old Zazen relax his body and wipe of his blood, and drank his wine next to him.


“ Ah, I remember the first time, that feeling of new refreshing taste,” said Old Zazen.

“ Father, father you are still here,” said a mature adult man.

“ Ah, Ku you are back. I was remembering how you were when you were young, and now you became a father yourself,” said Old Zazen.

“ Yes father, they are smart and bright, they are twins. One is Yi Du and the other Du Kang,” said Ku, who looks like a traditional wise hermit of the east. While, Zazen looks like a tradition yogi from India.


“ The city loves our new wine. It seems more people are growing crops and producing and experimenting of making there own wines,” said  young Ku.

“ It appears the morality of the people have recovered for now,” said Old Zazen. “How did you discover the new ingredient? “

“ Well there was one winter day I went to stored some of the cooked sorghum seeds into a hallow tree, and then I came back in spring I notice a special fragrance,” said Ku.

“ Ah, such a miracle. Life is full of surprises,” said Old Zazen.

“ This place brings you back many memories, don’t it father,” said Ku.

“ Yes it does,” said old Zazen. “ Can you bring me back some of those new wine again. I want to stay here for a while.”



“ Yes, father,” said Ku. And Ku left, and then old Zazen starts to feel some drizzle, some little rain coming down from the sunny mild day, while he is sitting on a dark shadow burned spot that was once his home.


“Its starting to rain,” said Old Zazen. And Zazen starts to smell the scent from the rain along with the sunny skies, it created like a heavenly fog rising, with a deep aroma. “It seems everything smells beautiful.” Old Zazen took the position of lying in a sleeping mediation like Hua likes to pose. And he drank the wine with the divine clouds surrounded him.


“Father, father,” said Ku, a voice outside of the aroma clouds. Ku was standing infront of a grave, and Ku poor the wine down. And stick fresh burn incense on the ground and prayed and talked to a gravestone. “The plague have stopped, and the people are very lively and merry.” As the fresh wine seep into the ground another image came. Zazen became a golden aura in his sleeping mediation  pose deep inside the clouds while Ku was outside of the clouds. Old Zazen have died a long time ago, and he was in mediation to observe his life and recognize himself he was already dead.

“ Ah, its that feeling again. But I can move my hands this time,” said Old Zaze,  it was the feeling of being in astral realm or dream world where angels can do anything like previous visits by Hua. The image of the background became golden light. And old Zazen threw his wooden flask in the air. And suddenly the flask held still in mid-air, like there was another hand holding it and it pour down into old Zazen’s mouth.


“ Good wine, good wine,” said old Zazen, like a godly figure.

“Finally you realized you are dead,” said an unknown voice.

“ Xiaoyu,” said young handsome Zazen who was changed from Old Zazen.

“ You can take off your bandage now. You can now see again,” said Hua.  Zazen seeing the stars and suns and planets, like he was on the moon.  And he went to Hua holding her hands like a love couple who misses each other for a very long time. And sat together and talked and drank.

“Why do you call me mother, said Hua.

“ I call my goddesses, mother,” said young and now seeing Zazen.

“ Why do you call me Xiaoyu,”, said Hua.


“ I don’t know, I have this feeling, that I know you somewhere,” said Zazen.

“ Its not in your old memories, “ said Hua. Hua used her magic to create a hologram of life memories of Zazen.

“ Maybe the name did not come from the past but from the future,” said Zazen. “When you focus what you can see, we missed what we cannot see ahead. If we focus what is infront we miss the whole picture.” Zazen drinks his wine.  

“While I do not know my past, but I feel optimistic for the future and for the humans,” said Hua, drinking her wine, who has a pink and blue aura light. Hua and Zazen looked at the sky and see two images, a boy and a girl on earth.

“ How about we return back to earth again, this time I am a human also and you have sight,” said Hua, drinking her wine.

“ It will be hard, I am sure many guys will like you and I shall be jealous,” said Zazen.

“ Yes, it will also be hard for you because you will see many new things and many beautiful ladies, you may not think of me anymore,” said Hua.

“ Xiaoyou, when I lost and forget who I am anymore, help me to remember,” said Zazen drinking his wine.

“ Yes, that will be tragic, lets not be afraid of the future, lets drink for now,” said Hua. “It looks like its raining again, someone is praying for you.”

“ Xiaoyu, is little rain,” said Zazen, looking at her eyes. “ Ku Xiaoyu, what does to care for little rain mean? “ And Hua eyes became teary, and Zazen held her.

End 8.16.2018


© Copyright 2020 Daniel Wren Chung . All rights reserved.


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