Still such a tragedy

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My late love and mother have the same birthday. It was also our anniversary. I wrote for her this morning to celebrate. I write for him this evening to mourn.

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



Another year has passed

Time doesn't heal a thing

The hole you left it's vast

And I still wear your ring

Your memory still stains

The tears still cloud my eyes

Broken is my heart

I never said goodbye

You promised me forever

You gave much less than that

How am I to forgive you

When I'll never have you back

The day you left me here

And wandered up the steps

I didn't know death was so near

I would have held my breath

I would have Saved it all for you

As I frantically compressed

The wound is fresh and bleeding

There will be no end

To my love or my needing

Of you, my dearest friend

Our son he looks just like you

It kills me when he smiles

What am I supposed to do

How do I face my denial

I tell myself I'm dreaming

In hopes I'll open my eyes

To find the tears not streaming

And instead see you filled with life

It's been five years since you left

Eight since you stole my heart

Too long since you've taken my breath

Too long this has torn me apart

I love you more each moment

Miss you more each day

I'll never understand

Why it had to be this way.

Michael Preston Lockhart Jr. 8/16/85 - 9/30/13 Love you forever

© Copyright 2018 Marie Lane. All rights reserved.

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