Your Dignity or Your Pride

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Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



One day as I was sitting on my throne, I made a list of every fist I’ve ever thrown 

Now this list doesn’t just consist of every fist, it’s every word thrown with the gist of a fist 

or hurting the enemy, or at any given time the frienemy

Because in all honesty, I just don’t mess with y’all

But some people seem to be enthralled with messing with me just because

I don’t talk the same as you,

I don’t walk the same as you, 

and my jean size isn’t quite as small as yours,

but when you’re down on all fours acting as my foot rest, I guess it won’t matter, will it?

And you will it to go away, but I’m the king and I pay your pay,

and without me, you’re forced to stay under a bridge

Or if you do have an apartment, there’s no food in your fridge

And your kids go to bed hungry, but they don’t say nothing because they can see Mommy out here struggling,

but you call it thugging

But you can’t be thugging and loving your kids,

you gotta pick one for the food in your fridge

Either your dignity or your pride,

but you still gon’ die in that drive-by because you messed with someone’s money

and that’s a no-no, honey

Because there’s three things I don’t play about: my money, my kids, and the food in my fridge

Your dignity or your pride, but you still gon’ die in a drive-by

with them AK-47s and them .357s,

then we just gon’ leave your body there and pray you go to heaven

Then we gon’ leave and hit up 7-Eleven because I’m craving a slushy right about now

Your dignity or your pride

They say they're one in the same,

but I guess

when you’re down on all fours acting as my foot rest, it won’t matter, will it?

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