The Infatuations of Purpose; Realization of Dreams

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just a quick thought, write, and execution of a short opinion that bothers many every day.

Submitted: August 17, 2018

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Submitted: August 17, 2018



So how should I begin this? Quite the topics to compile into a small thing such as words. I really don’t have the personality to talk for ever behind the drawing of a conclusion. In such I mean I get to the point and tell my tale. You’ve probably read it all by now, the battles against good and evil, the explanation of one’s life, the ending we all want. Man finds perfect woman, woman see’s perfect man thus winning his heart instantly. I have seen many and it sickens me to see that. Stories of splendor, heart pumping and inducing tales of heroism that blind a reality. Funny isn’t it? How merely a paragraph into this I start into rave about societies biggest imaginative illusion. For this is where all dreams begin, and the start of the realization of purpose. Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Something that exists. The one thing I got from the definition. Fascinating right? What was it you got from it? That seems to be the one word the young use quite frequently. What.

 You know how I was trying to extend the subject? That paragraph is how. See how boring it is? How typically droll it goes on for? No use for it. None what so ever. The only point it serves it to point out the desires of the many exploited by the dreams and purposes of the very few. In the end no one gives a damn about me or you, yeah? Probably already know that by now though. If not, congratulations on learning something you should already know. Your life is to be spent in service to others, not of your own choosing, and for others, it’s the neutral or opposite. Congratulations you now know your place in this world my friend. Just as I do. What now right? Reading some foolish sounding punk kid’s words doesn’t really matter. back to working hard to make my dreams come true. To “travel the world, take beautiful pictures and memories to tell family and friends” then to waste away with loved ones or by their lonesome self. What isn’t new about this. We’ve all heard this. Seen it, think about it, and forget about until death. Indulgence of pleasures and misconceptions until thought about from the future. To me its all a joke, a sad and quite funny joke that we all have no “freedom”. Quite nice to hear isn’t it? The realization of an illusion that seems to be disguised as a right given by the powerful few. The joke is that the only thing that stands behind them is piles of flammable paper and shinny metal with people pursing a fraction of their ‘wealth’. The most powerful people “own” certain lands that past generations fought for and died for. You should already know what they fought for. Dreams and Purpose. The two things that makes everyone live. No matter how selfish or selfless it seems to others. And now, in this age, time, and day. There is no such thing anymore. Only servitude and illusions. But what does this matter? Nothing but black letters and one’s opinion. Truly what use is it? When another face will replace yours within a few seconds? Funny to me, what about you? Do you know a solution?

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