Slamming Societal Standards

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This is a poem about slamming societal standards and standing up for your beliefs.

Submitted: August 17, 2018

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Submitted: August 17, 2018



Slamming Societal Standards

by Laura Bourbonnais


Stuck within society’s confines.

Freethinking is said appalling.

Quiet the liberty of our minds,

Oblivious agreement boozing.


Opinions cemented deep inside,

Existent since our offspring days,

Emotion and reason collide,

Hold that tongue, pretend it’s a faze.


Eyes shift to foreigners, strangers,

Whom we will judge without knowing.

We forget our own demeanours,

Act as we’re told, without feeling.


Theories, concepts we can’t fathom,

Superiority we were told,

Belongs to us, here’s our anthem,

Coexisting, locked in our mold.


Here’s to us the few who discern,

The difference between norms,

And morals and ethics. We learn

To see beyond all of the forms.


What’s right and wrong cannot be taught,

It’s felt and lived no more to say.

Never forget what you are taught,

But listen to yourself, you may.


That voice inside it knows,

The person who is hiding.

No matter what life throws,

You are the one living.


Often we don’t express,

Our deepest darkest thoughts.

‘Cause we want to impress,

When we are swarmed by moths.


Remember life’s unfair,

But you do have a say.

May think you don’t have flair,

Express yourself today.


Standing straight, look to them,

The fools, fakers, liars.

And they’ll see the condemn,

Now cue all the criers.


They all know that we know,

There’s no more hiding it.

Yet they follow in tow,

Not questioning a bit.


I try but no one stops,

And still they walk and walk,

In my head a thought pops,

But they won’t hear me talk.


I knew this day would come,

But now I feel at loss.

And even slightly dumb,

Another ball to toss.


I have an idea,

I know you have some clues,

Just think of your mama,

When she will see the news.


We might get a word in,

If we’re very patient.

It might make their heads spin,

‘Cause their hearts are ancient.


We are better than these,

Discriminating souls.

Come put your mind at ease,

Don’t let time take its toll.


Don’t pretend the hurt’s gone,

When the wound is fresh still.

Before the dawn is drawn,

Swallow pride like a pill.


The wind is blowing you away,

But your feet are sunk too deep,

You have to beg them to stay,

Think later and take the leap.


The words are forming in your throat,

The shame is coloring your cheeks,

Your thoughts are swaying like a boat,

You’re speaking, they’re calling us ‘freaks’.


Thinking it’s for the win,

That they know what is right,

It’s taking a new spin,

They realize we will fight.


What is there more to say,

Yet they’re not quite convinced,

The truth there we will lay,

For our paths they are lynched.


A smile creeps on my face,

For liberty’s anew,

And my heart gets a taste,

It no longer feels blue.


A peaceful time is near,

Time to settle the score.

A distant hollow cheer,

Morphing into a roar.


A blur, it’s almost passed,

Our bravest face as mask,

We’ll stick around they asked?

That is the easiest task.


Never mess with dreamers,

Lessons, they will teach you,

Our beliefs are keepers,

Of us there are a few.


It’s clicking in your head,

While your eyes stay open,

Remember what I said,

And back you are taken.


You’re digging your own grave,

By hiding behind words,

For once, come on, be brave,

Grow wings and fly as birds.


It’s better, you will see,

Staying true I reckon,

And try to see as we,

When our hopes were shaken.


Not long ago you were,

Such an innocent child,

A time when all you wore,

Was the sound of the tide.


A hint of malice had,

Not yet reached your two eyes,

I wish it were not sad,

We should settle with ties.


A new day has begun,

And it’s all in our hands.

With deceit, we are done,

‘Cause we’re forming new plans.


The beauty of the world,

It lies before us all.

Together we are whirled,

Into a common hall.


Equals are what we are,

And there aren’t excuses.

The planet it is ours,

Forget the abuses.


Out with cruel judgements,

They’re all fabricated.

Make memories of moments,

That are underrated.


That baby you will hold,

That laugh you’ll one day share,

Breaking out of the mold,

Because I for one care.


© Copyright 2018 Laura B. All rights reserved.