Let the Fall Breeze Swirl the Dying Leaves

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A poem of personification.

Submitted: August 17, 2018

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Submitted: August 17, 2018



Let the fall breeze

Swirl the dying leaves

Started: 5 - 18 - 16 9:35 PM

 Finished: 5 - 18 - 16 10:22 Pm


The days have gotten colder

No longer does the warm breeze blow

No longer do we feel the Sun's healing glow

We now must bare the season's hard shoulder


Once we were fresh and young

Crisp and green in our ways

Born in the Spring's light

From orchards and forests we hung


Our delight was among blossoms and buds

Among tree nuts and fruits we spent our days

Always scoffing at shrooms in the mud

Set in our position and prejudice ways


Summer was kind and brought us some rain

The Season's sun made certain we were fed

Atop the Canopies with everything to gain

Never once did we think to join those who'd soon be dead


Then came a shift in the light

We became ever more brilliant than before 

With oranges, reds and faded whites

We hadn't a clue of what lied in store


Suddenly and harshly  the gusts came

How quickly our pride was shaken

It would never again be the same

Even ones mightier from their place had been taken


Swirled, whirled and swayed in the air's tide

From up in the heavens to a lowly concrete road

Crushed and soggy by the littered roadside 

But only seconds ago we dwelled in our lofty abode


Shriveled and useless on our knees we kneel

For the wind's never ending strength we make one last appeal 

We are crushed and wet from the rain

Might we make a request in this time of deep pain


Let the wind find delight in us once more 

Hear our desperate pleas and heed our muffled cry

Even though we gather against the door

Grant our final request before we forever die


Sweep us in your gentle arms

Of reason for our plight tell us not why

But speak only of the next season's charms

As you show us how it feels to fly

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