For Every Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this to be like a love letter to all girls, the subject of self love and female empowerment is treated too much as if its taboo and I believe that idea is something we need to put an end
to. Therefore this poem means a lot to me and is something I put my whole heart into it. Through it I did my very best to empower and send love to every girl who rebels just by existing.

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018




This poem is dedicated to every little girl whose very existence is a rebellion of its own.


So when you run be sure to run as though the ground beneath you were in flames and your feet are the fire hoses which will cool it down

Step hard and let the Earth tremble

Carve the language of your grandmother’s onto your teeth

Etch-a-Sketch I love you in every language onto your tongue

You see, the sun burns for a girl like you

It blows you a kiss in every ray and curled your hair like the clouds

You lay in the grass and flowers grow

You laugh and the moon fights its way through the fog for a glimpse of her sweet child

This is the kind of magic you are


But my words are words and the good ones don’t always stick to you when the world is cruel more often than it is kind

And some days it makes you feel like your bones are peanut brittle
People will tell you that your words move too fast and that your voice needs to have the volume turned down

You’ll find yourself in many places being told that there isn’t enough space in the room for you
People will try to push you into corners then make you believe you belong there

And if this ever happens I want you to jump on top of the nearest table

Touch the ceiling, block the lights, be the tallest one there

Because now you are the room

And you’ve never needed to beg for spaces and raise your hand for your voice to be heard when skyscrapers are modeled after girls like you


And as time goes by more people will try to tell you what you can and can’t do, till eventually you’ll learn to carry a box of matches inside your pocket so that you can burn off all the can’ts that are daily stuck on you

And along the way you’re going to see that your palms are a map to the universe, that your hands are the kind that were made to move mountains then make God apologize for the lands original layout

You’ll learn your words are not only made of pop rocks and flames, but also chamomile and honey

You are the calm and the storm

Born to love lands you’ve never set foot upon as if you’ve known them your whole life

And you’ll be convinced their soils are stuck in the notches of your shoes

Yet still find you can never quite pick out the soil of your home land from beneath your fingernails

And though this is a love you’ll never fully understand you’re going to find that it makes a space for itself inside your heart the way lovers do

It’s going to be the love and the heartache that you will never name, never touch, but will remain as the love you can always count on never leaving you


And my dear, when your skin is young and your eyes sparkle with youth and stars you’ll be told that this world is too big for someone as “small as you”
You’ll be told you don’t know a thing because of your age

That your feelings are paper mache and the world’s just too big for you

Those taller in age will try and sit you still in a chair till your “wise enough” and when this happens remember to stand on top of this chair and start reaching for the sky on your tiptoes because that’s just not true

Because the world is big, but larger than life is just the right size for you

You could hold the world in your palms the way you hold a baby kitten and find that your fingers can wrap themselves around it the way they held your sippy cups as a child- and planet in hands you’ll still never feel your arms tremble

Because yes, the world is big, but that’s the perfect fit for you

And your feelings are valid, your pain is real- I want you to never take shame in your emotions

Cry every tear you feel, fill an ocean with them if you must

Get angry, get loud, yet still don’t forget to laugh so hard the Earth trembles  every now and then

I want you to love without boundaries, without hesitation for the possibility of heartache always being able to arrive at the door

Because you were born to feel everything, you have the seas inside your heart, you can close your eyes and feel the planets in allignment turn

And to feel this way is magic and I never want you to lose this unworldly touch

I never want you to be ashamed of the depths of your love


Sweet girl-

Daughter of every season

The living embodiment of the leaves falling, freezing, and blooming

Keep growing up and you’ll find that your body is a weapon of its own

And the world can make living in it feel like a battlefield

Someday’s you’re going to reach for the stars and they’re going to feel too far

People will tell you that your arms weren’t made to touch them

Cosmopolitan might even blame it on how you fill your jeans

Dressing rooms can play mind games and I pray you’ll never feel like your face can shatter a mirror

I pray you’ll never think that you’re anything less than magic


But  if you ever do, please know that for every time you feel like your reflection is your foe

For every baggy sweater you might hide in

For every time something “doesn’t fit you right” or you’re told that you “can’t wear that”

For all the times you want to crawl out of your body because you feel like you don’t belong in your skin

For all the mirrors you might avoid
Every plate you might pass

Or tear you might shed over your shape

Know that those demons who turn your eyes into circus mirrors

They do not speak the truth

Because you are beautiful, you are un-wordly, you are the cosmos coming together

Milky way breezing through your hair
Loud enough to quiet the oceans

Smile and make Heaven insecure
Turn a poet lost for words

Miss the eclipse to stare at you without shades

Kind of beautiful

And I cry at the very thought of you thinking you’re anything less than that


Understand, I don’t want you to go through what I did, not once, not ever

I want to be the end of the cycle, I want to be the last teenage girl who cries over their body, thinks they’re not pretty enough for him

I want to be the last plate that was passed up when the stomach is screaming to be fed

I don’t want you to ever go on a diet kick, I want you to go on a riot kick

I want you to love every lonja, every strand of hair, every piece of skin you’re told you’re not supposed to love

I want, somehow, over night for every single girl, in every shape, color, and size to unlearn self hate, and become so intoxicated with self love that the very idea of believing you’re unworthy of anything or anyone will perish into extinction
I want to erase the pain that’s been inflicted on us since day one and all the thoughts that scream you’re not good enough to be burned in flames

I want the female existence to stop being one big “I’m sorry” and a constant act of trying to manipulate ourselves into finding a way to take up less space


I just want every single girl to never go a day in their life aching for air after they pushed their body to the limit

Hunched over, laced in their exercise clothes, trying to breathe between the tears in a gym bathroom stall

I want every girl to know they’re so beautiful they put flowers to shame

I want to hold my aching younger self and tell her she’s beautiful till she believes it

I want to send every single girl a box of chocolates and tell her to enjoy every piece without shame
I just want every girl to know they’re pretty and for them to never doubt that they are

I want the versions of ourselves who are overwhelmed with self love to be more than fictional characters

I want to faze out every diet commercial till it plays as nothing but static

So I do what I can

Writing poems and praying one day you’ll all understand that not a single inch of your skin is imperfect and you don’t need to change a thing about your existence

Because it's not something you need  to apologize for, nor ask for permission to have

You didn't ask to be born, no, the world needed you to be in it

Your existence was meant to be, it’s always been a prophecy whispered amongst the clouds

Of you- the girl who came into this world and shook it like an electric venus


And my love I’ll leave you with this:

The sun always rises, it will always twinkle through the windows even when you wish it wouldn’t

Alarms will ring even when you swear pain has tattooed its essence within you and after a few dozen snoozes, you’re going to get out of bed
Because tomorrow never takes a day off

Broken hearts are not unable to be mended

And time will always go by whether or not you agree to it

So make your space loud and known

Be an earthquake when you move

Be the rainbow and the pot of gold at the end of it

Because you’re already the star of your show
And the world is yours, there’s so much waiting for you

There’s so many dreams waiting to be discovered and still so many that are just aching to come true

So go

Run the red lights because you’re already the green one, and there’s nothing that can stop you


I love you



© Copyright 2020 madelyne rose sosa-jaramillo. All rights reserved.

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