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About a vomits worth of creative writing.

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



I pulled the plug. 

From beneath yanked the rug. 

Just nothing, no tug.


My feet weren’t in. 

Temptations were there to sin.

That night ice was thin. 


Drunkenly admitted.

Thought I perfectly committed,

We kissed and parted. 


Why did I do that?

Our years had lovely chats. 

Where was my mind at?


Thinking in the past?

My sanity went at last.

Nothing said went fast. 


Straight to your kind soul,

Giving stress wasn’t my goal,

On you took a toll. 


No graceful ending,

Just an echo, pending.

Our time lending. 


I grieve for you,

Wanting to give you a clue,

In my mind, no cue. 


I’m not your girl. 

I had you for a whirl.

Unstable, in curl. 


I’m so sorry,

You live a better story,

Don’t you worry. 


I have worsened,

You’re a better person.

Put down the bourbon.


Take care of yourself,

Put us onto a bookshelf,

Friend, pride oneself.


Forget me and live,

Here is your goodbye, now thrive. 

Blue Jay, keep your drive. 

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