A Nightmare’s Sweetest Dream

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A romantic personification.

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



A Nightmare’s sweetest Dream



7 – 18 – 17


I know I love her dearly

But time after time, to my place I am pulled back

I love Reverie ever so sincerely

Yet I must face a crushing fact


 How often I have seen you 

dancing in the twilight

Your silvery hair sparkles bright

In the deepest pit of the night


You are never dismal or drear

Your dress changes from gold to white

To watch you for all eternity

I have endured the sun’s painful light


She treads on purple sand

Along the side of a pearly sea

Nothing bad could happen to her

That is unless she sees me


For the day I come near

Will be a day full of drear

A day of sadness

A day of mental woe

At my will a forest will die

At her will a flower will grow


Must my black heart be tormented so

Must I be torn left and right?

I want to hold her close

But what share does darkness have with light?


So when I sleep in my dark little world,

When the screams of children are high,

And the wind is cruel and cold;

I dream of us in wedded bliss,

I long for your hand to hold.


If I could, just one time

Hold you up to my chest

I would feel the soft beating of your heart

Our rings of matrimony clinking in our entangled hands



I would stream my fingers through your hair

I would convey how long I suffered this lust

Then I would give the warmest kiss of affection

And assure that in me you can always trust


 We’d spend hours together

Beneath an eclipsed night sky

Somewhere by a swaying sea

The evening air whispering in the waves


You would sing us both to sleep

Beneath the silky moonlight 


The flash of your sapphire blue eyes

The song of your voice in my head

But then you fade away from me

And I am left alone in my bed


This makes me shiver

It makes me cry

I can never love you

And I must accept why


 Sleep well tonight my dearest love

I guess it seems, we will never meet



I will sleep alone forever

And wrap myself with this solitary dream

Ever so bitter and always so sweet


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