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"My life purpose is no longer to only serve people but to take back what's rightfully mine and make those sinners pay. This may be my only way to seek closure and finally put the souls of the dead
to rest."

IVY ZEFFRIELLI is a shrewd, arrogant businessman embracing the lavish pimp lifestyle and earning millions through his prostitution rings which service affluent, hungry men. He has it all: obscenely
wealthy, dripping with power and can obtain any woman he wishes. But, all of that cannot appease Ivy from being troubled by the dumbfounding absence of his family which he wishes to seek answers

A strange man approaches Ivy and alleges that he withholds the resolutions he seeks, but only if he agrees to kidnap a Japanese adolescent girl the man fancies, MIYUKI AIKO.

These two unparalleled worlds would come to converge and pave a tumultuous journey that puts both Ivy and Miyuki's limits and willpower to the test.

Will Ivy be able to overcome the challenges to get hold of the first piece of the puzzle through Miyuki? Can Miyuki, a quick witted and self-determining girl, withstand the maltreatment and find
her way out of the dark?

Warning: This book contains mature subject and dark themes such as explicit kidnapping, manslaughter, sex trafficking and sex scenes.

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Submitted: August 18, 2018

IVY ZEFFRIELLI I don't know if I should be proud of her bravado or furious at her stupidity. He doubles over in agony and loosens... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Submitted: August 20, 2018

IVY ZEFFRIELLI Guadalajara, Mexico Summer, 2014 The balmy breeze kisses the skin of my face with the lightness of a feather a... Read Chapter