The Moon is Our Anchor

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On a late warm night, something mysterious is calling...

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



The Moon is Our Anchor" 
by Reynard Louernia 


It was 2:30 am on an unbearably warm Spring night. I laid in my bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep in the heat. My bedsheets rubbing against my skin, its fabric irritating and harsh compared to my silken black nightgown. My mind began to wander a bit, thinking about my plans for the day ahead of me. Today was to be my first day back in school, a new school, a new year, a new chance to make friends, a new chance to embarrass myself... Thoughts of the day would plague my mind and every thought just added to my troubled emotions. 

Silently I laid there, drenched in sweat and contemplating a shower to help clear my head of all it's unpleasant thoughts. The day had only just begun and I had to start somewhere, it being painfully obvious that sleep was out of the question that night. A warm wind blew in through my bedside window, causing my curtains to open ever so slightly. It was very rare for me to have a moment to myself to just admire the world around me. I sat up in my bed, looking around my room in interest and a little childish wonder as I watched the light of the moon drift in from the windows and cast shadows on the walls. I thought about my life so far, and how disconnected I felt towards the world in it's entirety. 

Looking out my window, I saw a great many thing. Busy cars passing down the streets, people going on to their jobs or homes, a stray pet here or there, just the usual setting as is every night. But this time was different. As I gazed out my bedroom window that night I noticed the great big pale full moon shining from the highest point in the sky. I was caught by it, ensnared by it's beauty. Sometimes I would look up at the moon on nights when the sky was clear, I often liked to count the different shapes on its surface. It was like a game I would play when I'm tired, how many can I count without recounting the same ones. A simple game that is all the harder when sleep deprived. 

 Then I heard the strangest thing, as faint as the barest whisper upon the luke warm spring breeze. 

"Rise up...."

Closing my eyes, I raised my head to the wall nearest me and began to listen. It sounded again:

"Rise up...." 

Was I imagining it?

"Rise up....and come forth..."

No, I definitely heard a voice that did not belong. Creeping out of bed ever so carefully, I got up and began to search the house. But to my surprise, it was pointless. It didn't take me very long at all to realize that I was the only one awake in the entire house. The sound of my mother snoring upstairs could be heard if I listened hard enough. The true source of the beckoning call was coming from outside. Somewhere amongst the fresh early morning dew and glistening bright light of the moon. As I made my way to the back door of the house I caught a glint in my line of vision. Upon closer examination, I realized it to be an old necklace given to me by my mother years ago. Grabbing the necklace from it's wall hook, I made my way out the back door and into the warm tempered chill of the Spring night air. 

It felt like hours that I walked, alone in the night with no form of actual direction. Further I walked onward into the depths of the surrounding forest encompassing my home. No sooner had I reached the very end of the trail so carefully laid down for those who wished safe travel, I head it again:


Was it simply my imagination playing tricks, or did this weird voice sound different? Maybe... I couldn't remember any more at that point. It was as if time ceased to exist all together. The voice continued to beckon to me even though I had reached the end of the trail. This must had meant that I was expected to leave the trail, to go where no other wished to go. So, with the fear in my heart slowly easing away to nothing, I left the safety of the trail all together. Venturing further inward then ever before, I began to feel lighter on my feet. A rush of unexplainable energy, my first taste of true freedom. 

"Come forth ...."

I could feel it coursing through me, I never wanted it to stop.

"Come forth... and Awaken."

Finally, unexpectedly, I froze where I stood. Gasping for breath with no idea as to where I was, I stopped and looked around. At first it appeared that nothing was here. Had I simply lost my mind? No. As I stood there, weak and tired from my running, I began to hear something that didn't belong. It was the soft, sweet melody of an instrument. As I gazed into the distance I began to realize what looked like the warm glow of a camp fire. I took a single step forward then heard it again, louder and stronger then before..:

"Come forth and Awaken..." 

As I walked toward the light of the flame my heart began to pound and my thoughts grew quiet. I stepped into the light only to find to my surprise what appeared to be a clearing. In the clearing I found a small gathering of people. Young, old, tall, and short. They were so few in number, yet so very far apart in appearance. Among these people where two individuals who stood out and did not appear to belong with the rest of the gathering. A man and a woman. 

The Man appeared to be middle aged and well tanned. His hair was dark brown and very curly. His eye's like Sapphires. Muscular and powerful looking, I doubted for a mere moment that he was even human. He appeared too...perfect.

The woman was equal parts stunning as the man was intimidating. Her chestnut shaded hair waving in the light breeze like the churning ocean waters. Her eyes like blazing Emeralds, and her skin like snow. The slender form of her body swaying in time to the wind that blew her hair... 

What manner of creatures were these beings? Then, just as I was deciding to turn around and leave, one of the group members turned around and smiled my way. They beckoned me, directing me to sit with them and share the night by their fire. As I approached the encampment that they had set up, laughter and smiles were abound. I had no idea what exactly I had gotten myself involved in, but it was far from too late to turn tail and run now. I couldn't, not with everyone watching me the way they were. 

And so, that night I spent by a camp fire. I listened to strange and interesting stories, sang songs I had no hope of ever understanding, enjoyed camp fire cooked food I had never tasted before, danced a bit, and even made a few friends with the members of the group. It felt like hours had passed by the time the man and woman seemingly in charge of the whole event finally declared an end. "It is time..." The woman spoke softly, her voice carrying with the wind. Shocked I listened to her every word, knowing at that point the voice I heard was her's. 

"We have danced our dances and sung our songs into the night. Now is the time for us to leave for our homes and rest."
I closed my eyes and bowed my head. A part of me longing for sleep while the rest of me longed to continue with the night's affairs. Suddenly, her words whispered in my mind.
"Marry meet and Marry part,
As we embrace each heart to heart,
May we never lose our sight,
Of all the things that we find right.
So Mote it Be."

When my eyes opened again it was dark and I was alone in my room. The clock read 2:31 am.  My mother's old necklace held tightly in my hands, I looked out the bedroom window. My gaze fell upon the blaring light of the moon, full and beautiful in the night sky. I felt a sense of content and ease, my fingers tracing over the elegant star interwoven into the circular pendant of the necklace. I smiled, happy with the out come of that night. Pleased, I laid down and finally went to bed. The image of the moon still in my mind, shining as brightly as ever before.

© Copyright 2019 Reynard F. Louernia. All rights reserved.

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