A Wish for Mist

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Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



“A Wish for Mist”


I have sacrificed no appeals on vain aspirations.

No prayers for wealth and power have I lifted.

Immortality is not for me.

Joys and sorrows fulfill the days I have been gifted.


But if I could, there is one thing I would

Alter in the smallest way.

Should the Creator grant me leave to say,

I would transform the rain.

Into something less wet, cold, pelting,

less drenching to my soul.


For wisdom has taught much with each desire dashed.

So many unforeseen torrents unleashed from the past.

Run riot across the street in ever-swelling streams.

Twisting and turning, leaving nothing as it seems.


And, if perchance, by my supplication,

The Supreme Being I do sway.

And forever the rain be chased away.

No more the streaks of tears and pains,

Silver my cheeks in translucent stains.


Then mist for me the rain will now be.

Satiny fingertips, barely there.

Moist upon my brow, beading over my hair,

Ghostly spirals, entwine, soften the strands,



Mist, sweet mist.

Bathe the blades of grass that slip between bare extremes.

Steps of dew-sprinkled sprites traipsing through my dreams.

Weave about me in wispy diamond threads

Spun silk fine as spiders’ webs.

Twinkling in the dusk.

Less wet,

less cold,

less pelting.

The mist, sweet mist, is soothing to my soul.

So unlike the rain.


By Nae Thompson

© Copyright 2019 Nae Thompson. All rights reserved.

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