For Caleb

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Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



Lying here broken and all alone

Not sure who to call or which way to turn

The child in my womb will not be born

My womb has been shredded and torn

Doctor says I am lucky to be alive

But all I can do is cry

And mourn my sweet baby girl

That was not able to make it to this world.

I beg God to send me his angels

I am left all alone and mangled


In the quiet of night my soul feels a whisper

Don’t fret my child, for I am here

Trust in my word and you will soon deliver

A magnificent warrior whose steps make the ground shiver

The road til then will not be easy

The devil will be busy doling out his misery

Your son will be born healthy and true

And the gifts he possesses will be more than a few

Be strong, God says, don’t give up just yet

The many blessings I have for you have not yet been met.


I reach into my soul to find my strength

And do my best to carry on despite the offense

God said you will name him Caleb, boldly faithful and brave

He will renew your hope in the miracles I create

But the doctor says my womb is no use

God answered, I am the way the light and the truth

All you need is to trust in me

I’ll prove those doctors wrong, be patient and see

My belly grows despite the doubts

And in month four all my waters burst out


Crying and aching to the ER I go

My heart can’t take the grief anymore

My son, my prince, my promised gift

I can’t lose him too, I scream in a fit

The ultrasound opens the window to my womb

Tiny ankles flex up and I feel a big boom

My son and I, face to face in the monitor

He waves his hand, hi my mama

Don’t cry don’t stress I am ok

I will be in your arms in 100 more days


The doctor says lay down until you birth this child

We have to keep him in there for a little more while

Now I trust the word of God so much more

And on March 22 a baby boy I bore

Perfect and beautiful in every way

His voice, a song that keeps my blues away

An angel that God trusted me to rear

And only His name will he fear

I graciously accept this gift of life

My son a light, a beacon to the Most High.


© Copyright 2019 J. Smith. All rights reserved.

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