Siren Song

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Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



It is carried on the waves;
that siren's song.
It has been long,
It has been days,
and like a man possessed
I will follow it to the end.

I am possessed.

I was the very moment I heard
that voice.
Its sound acts as the chains
and my only choice is to listen.
The water glistens,
and for the first time
in as long of a time as I can remember
I notice,
watching the light dance
as I wish to dance.

At last I find myself stranded,
choosing to trudge my path alone.
There is a smell in the air,
something sharp and pungent
yet I press on,
walking ever closer to that song,
daring not a delay.
At last I come upon its source
and I tell you that there is nothing
nothing that compares to what I see.

All around is the corpse,
carrion in varying states of decay.
She is curled there on the rock and stares
with deep brown eyes
that I somehow recognize
as she smiles, her voice acceding into music.

She sees me as her next victim
as I should be by the right of her nature.
But as she opens herself
expectantly, coaxing me to her tenderly,
my heart soaring into untold heights,
I use my last bit of willpower to
fight with the only weapon I brought.

Your body trembles with the kiss,
and as you draw away
I can see tears in your eyes.
A sirens song I followed true,
and I followed it straight to you,
and though you thought you were a monster
you couldn't have known
couldn't have imagined,
that I was a monster too.

© Copyright 2019 Jeremiah Jaster. All rights reserved.

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