In Tandem

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Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



In Tandem


You are not real

You cannot be

Maybe just a fantasy

Or a figment

Of my imagination

No, pigmentation

Like a new, vibrant color

Almost too painful to take in

But beautiful to behold


I will blind you

But you cannot look away

Because you never expected

Something magic

Lost in translation

From a jumbled mind

To neat lines

My poetry

Is better viewed

In glances

How much can I say?

Can I teach?

Empathize, thrill, enrapture,

In so few words?


Just a taste

On the tip of your lips

A flavor to linger after

To fall for

Come back and savor me

Just enough to make your heart beat faster

To make the words catch in your throat

Just enough to make you feel lost

And whole, all at once


I have you already

I can feel it

Lingering on your lips

And painted across your face

And it’ll only get worse

Until you can no longer contain

Your fear of affection

And instead,

Walk willingly into it

Embraced by the glow

Yet terrified

That you’re ready to say it

But we both know

You fear the control

Willingly given

You hope more than anything

That I won’t let you go

Won’t let you slip

And be crushed under the weight of emotion


And I won’t

Because without you realizing

You have already done the same to me

Lit a sweltering fire within

Threatening to swallow me whole

Like a moth

Never having seen anything so

Bright, alluring

-Pulsating both fear and possibility-

Had no idea of the danger

Of flying too close to the flame

But I will not turn

Please don’t let my fire scare you

Though it may consume

It may destroy

There is no reason to exist

Except to find the brightest flame

And leap


It may be the end

But it is also the beginning

Of something

Completely unimaginable

Every moment in the flames

We live a thousand lives

Acrid smoke fills my lungs

So, I breathe you in like air

I will give you every chance to destroy me

And pray that you won’t


Shrug your tired shoulders

Crack your neck and knuckles

And take a deep breath

Maybe this time

The fire will lick the pain away

And leave you pure

Come find out

Come back

Close your eyes

And we’ll fall in tandem. 


© Copyright 2019 DK Lightcap. All rights reserved.

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