Treasured Life

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If life were easy, it wouldn't be difficult. - Kermit the Frog

Birth, trials, fight, rejuvenate, surreal blasts, hope, end, begin, REALIZE, Death.

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



Treasured Life


Glimmering is the sunset

Its radiance slowly disappears from the sky,

With the sight of bright, yet covered lies

That suspends the mind through tragic times.


That night will come and so will fright,

Of light and day without the sun.

Hope is one thing left to grab

Reaching, grasping for dawn to survive night.


Is there a place beneath the sun?

Where troubled times conquer no one?

I want to go above it all.

For there stands and waits a placid shore

That leads to a myriad of peaceful peers

But Heaven’s face has yet been shown

And hell’s hoofed legs crawl silently near.


A paradox voice calls, mocks and haunts me

But it gives me a choice and I have to make it

Before the sun’s luminous light truly is gone,

Then darkness succeeds and illumination subsides inevitably.

I sigh. A pause from thought, a moment of release.

I yearn, I crave, I salivate for peace.


I breathe in the fresh eve’s air deeply into my being

And out onto the stale used up world.

Then once again I am focused and cleansed.

I see the bridge and fear to pursue my earlier plans.

My steps weaken and my entire body cowers,

Still I go on.


Brusquely, a new thought enters my mind and soul betwixt.

I felt grass tickling my bare feet

As I walked toward the old, wooden rail of the decaying bridge.

I saw the branches of the trees dancing

And I felt the wind kiss my face

As my lips broke out into a smile that even without a mirror

I knew was a beautiful one.


In that very moment, I was drained of hate

And filled with love.

No longer did I await my spirit to be greeted

By the mystic paragon of a host above

I ran and leapt over rocks.

I smelled every flower there was.

I opened my mouth and screamed with delight.

And I lifted up my arms and felt content and at peace.


A pause from thought, a moment of release.

Night came fast. The sun had passed.

Still I felt completely revived.

Before I shut my eyes, I thought to myself,

I’m alive, I’m awake, I’ll survive!”

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