Where Faeries Dwelt

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Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



'Twas a flower of pale aurelian hue, in land where faeries dwelt

Bloomed and twirled and hummed about in woodland never felled

Dragonfly and Willowisp swirled around and round its silken bloom

But little did that floret know it danced a rite and rhythm of doom


For men do stray and lust away for treasures pure and gold

They do not value inner grace, but things oft bought and sold

Unwittingly that flower danced, with light and praise to Jove 

In waterfalls of giving rain that fell e’er from stones above


Under Aphrodite's amber sky, soldier gathered for his fire

And bumbled through that sparkling wood, enflamed with his desire

He saw the flower in her luminous pow’r, so o'erpowered her in might

And ne'er would Rabbit or Bumblebee bask again in her hallowed light


Posessed by triumph he harkened home, crowning gold petals in maiden’s hair

Married the maid and displayed the flower without wither, ever fair 

Each night it wept, beseeching Luna, leaving dewdrops on the pillow

All creation cried with her, old Owl and Frog,Ash, Oak, Birch Tree, and Willow


Autumn spent, the maid, soon mother, asked flower, “Why do you weep?”

Said the flower, “Once I danced with sprites, in dawn and twilight deep, 

But I was stole’, forever torn, from all I’ve ever known

Ripped from soil, a slave to eyes, severed, frozen, silent, alone!”


And, so moved, the soon mother took the flower to nearby stream

And set her free to drift away, to lands from childhood dreams

Husband returned and saw the empty pedistal where flower once lay

He stormed and raged and shouted thunder, how could she throw away


That gift, so rare, he did impart, upon their wedding day

That bright and hopeful morning, in the budding month of May?

Said his wife, “That blossom grew in time 'fore world began,

I do not believe that such magic and hope ought ever be govern’d by man.”

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