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Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018





When skies were blue
and clouds were white,
when fields were green
but the most appealing sight,
was the beauty of you

When worries were few
and burdens were light,
when days were not counted
but alas every night,
was the nearness of you

When daily I grew
and was no longer slight,
when problems were small
but the most splendid plight,
was the reality of you

As the wings of time flew
you were always at my side,
a light in the dark
my joy and my pride,
was the comfort of you

As each year was through
you were there to remind,
of the months that had passed
and with their own kind,
was the blessing of you

As I got the cue
you were right on time,
a compass for steering
through my future entwined
was God's gift of you






If I have a view
of a world most sublime,
it's because of the parts
so carefully combined
in His teachings and you

If nothing is new
to these eyes of mine,
it's because of the thought
that you put behind
the love that is you

If time permits me to
I will surely find,
a way by which I can
repay the well-defined
meaning that is you

I know how to do
almost everything but fight,
those things that are necessary
full of goodness and right,
those things that are you

Now the time is due
for me to take flight,
the past is a memory
the future looks bright,
thanks to my Mother, You

My Mother it is true
has molded my life,
so when the time comes
for me to take a wife,
the Mother of my children
will be just like you.

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